Gary Krakow: ‘The 3G iPhone Stinks’

After careful consideration and several emails from readers who submitted this for inclusion on our otherwise fine site to which we uniformly replied, “No free publicity for drunk grandmas,” we’ve reconsidered; if only to shine a bright light on an unkept, slovenly idiot who has no business commenting on how to choose personal eyewear, much less attempting to singlehandedly talk down revolutionary products using reviews that he obviously cannot even read well enough to comprehend (try wearing them right-side up, Gary).

Without further ado, we present Gary Krakow of The in “The 3G iPhone Stinks” for your entertainment:

Direct link here.

MacDailyNews Take: Don’t listen to Krakow’s pissing-into-the-wind prattle — he’s obviously intent on destroying whatever wisp of credibility he thinks he had built up over at MicrosoftNBC before he checks out; one more eclair ought to just about do it, Gary — just read for yourselves the full reviews that he tries (and fails) to collectively twist into something they most certainly are not:

• The New York Times’ David Pogue reviews iPhone 3G
The Wall Street Journal’s Walter Mossber reivews iPhone 3G

And, Gary, it’s “iPhone 3G,” you bloated, asinine failure.


  1. Don’t forget folks, there are some MAJOR PROBLEMS with the iPhone 3G. Like… Well, Walt had some dropped calls! And… er, there is still no cut and paste! And, um… 3G isn’t evereywhere!


  2. He’s a prime example of the biased news and why America is tuning them out. He comes off as someone who has an agenda and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that he was bought off by one of Apple’s rivals.

  3. If you really listen to what he said… what he ACTUALLY said, it’s almost complete praise for the new iPhone. He even said that if you don’t already have an iPhone, it’s “One for the Books.”

    But to those of us that do, it’s got MAJOR PROBLEMS!!!

    And boy, is that girl dumb with a capital Duh.

  4. So what credibility will this cretin have left when the iPhone 3G is a huge success.

    Just like the 6 million sold in less than a year. Apple could have sold more if they didn’t run out. The 3G iPhone will be a huge success. Will Krakow apologize and say he was inebriated when he was being filmed?

  5. Gary Peter breath Krakow is living proof that self abuse shrivels your brain, he could use a shave and a hair cut while he’s at it. On second thought cut your head off fat ass and you won’t have to worry about the shave and hair hair cut, you will only loose a couple of pounds because an empty head only weighs that much.

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