New Portable iPhone Charger provides portable power

Milliamp LTD has just added a new portable iPhone charger (original 1st-gen Apple iPhone) to their line-up of accessories for the Apple iPod and iPhone. It’s on sale for US$39.99 through tomorrow, Thursday, July 9th, and regularly priced at US$59.99.

The Portable iPhone Charger has a 2200 mAh battery inside the svelte plastic case, which is more than enough power to charge the 1400 mAh battery inside an iPhone. And because it is portable, the iPhone charging station can be carried in a briefcase, glove box, or pocket until you need an extra boost of power.

‘We used this portable iPhone charger with our own iPhones and we absolutely loved them,’ said Anthony Magnabosco, the owner of iPod repair company Milliamp LTD, in the press release

The charger has a hinge that lets you keep the iPhone propped up on your desk, or it can fold up to keep the cell phone perpendicular to the base.

After you charge up the portable iPhone charger using the USB cable that was included with your iPhone, it is ready to go. Your iPhone will work while it is connected to the portable charger, which is a big plus for people on the go.

“This is the highest-capacity iPhone charger available in the marketplace today,” added Magnabosco.

The charger comes in shiny white or black plastic, and also includes a clear neoprene cover that slips over the whole thing to keep it extra snug and protected.

Milliamp LTD has iPod chargers and iPhone chargers in stock and ready to ship.

Portable iPhone Charging Station:

Direct link to video via YouTube:

More info here.

MacDailyNews Take: The Portable Charging Station for iPhone 3G can’t be far behind.


  1. That thing is fugly.

    Really, I’m no iPhone naysayer, but would it kill Apple to design a removeable battery? Especially since the 3G eats through charge even faster. It would sure silence a whole chorus of detractors.

    I’m just saying…

  2. Face it, the iPhone is the palmtop Mac. It uses the same Mail, the same Safari, the same core OS, the same programming language and tools. With 3rd party apps coming look for even more synergy between your desktop/laptop Mac and the iPhone. If Palm hadn’t ruined the name “Palm” the iPhone might have been called the “Mac palm”.

  3. Hey Spark,

    How about putting them in your notes here so that those of us who want to hear about something other than iPhone can just click on those links? Please? ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />



  4. I’d rather just carry an extra battery.

    Samsung and LG are designing their iClones with removable batteries that are just as thin (if not thinner), so there’s really no excuse for Apple other than rolling in battery replacement service revenue.

  5. @Uggh, yes it would kill Apple to design a removable battery. Removable batteries add potential pollution to landfills and lead to early failures due to contact resistance build up and corrosion. Also leaving a backdoor to your product can cause a myriad of liability issues and potential early failure modes, not to mention making it easier for stupid people and competitors to start tinkering with the innards. Apple is known for sleek, relaible, functional and fashionable appliances. They just work. The first gen Iphone got a 80% consumer satisfaction rating. Best ever in the industry. Ever seen an IPod with a battery door? Nuff said.

  6. Why in the HELL would you want to pack around an extra battery? Common get a grip idiots. Plug it in to your car or if you are in a city just take your iPhone cable and mini plug. Extra battery sheesh, while your at it keep thinking that oil is the future too.

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