Apple iPhone 3G: ‘Jesus Phone’ is about to have its second coming

“The mobile device dubbed the ‘Jesus Phone’ is about to have its second coming,” Stephen Hutcheon reports for The Age.

“The iPhone 3G — the new incarnation of Apple’s first foray into the mobile handset business — will go on sale in 22 countries on Friday. And Australians will be among the first in the world to witness the buzz surrounding this much-hyped touch-screen device that is part phone, part iPod and part pocket computer,” Hutcheon reports.

“Even before it goes on sale, there is every indication that the new model is going to pick up where its predecessor left off. In the US, queues of eager consumers have already started forming outside Apple stores, and in Britain, a surge of orders on the website of one carrier caused the site to crash under the strain,” Hutcheon reports.

“The iPhone 3G looks set to advance Apple’s penetration of the mobile phone market. The support for corporate email systems and the App Store will extend the phone’s appeal to new markets. And while it still has many elements of a versatile consumer gadget, it has many practical applications that will make the iPhone 3G more of a workhorse and less of a show pony,” Hutcheon reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: In the full article, Hutcheon writes, “For about $10, iPhone 3G owners will be able to tap into a potentially bottomless pit of content that can transform their phone into a game console or a musical instrument or a medical encyclopedia.” To clarify: some apps will have a cost of “about $10”, some will cost other amounts, and some will be free. It’s not a $10-one-time-only, download-all-you-like deal as Hutcheon implies via either misunderstanding or poor writing.


  1. I like how some clueless reports call the iPhone 3G “The third Generation iPhone”. This misunderstanding of the 3G moniker works well in apple’s favor.

    Also, the idea that you will need a 3G to use the app store has been errantly assumed.

  2. It would have been a bigger BANG if Apple offered three versions instead of one.

    For instance my $30 flip phone is paid for and I’ve only use $200 worth of minutes a year.

    230/12=$20 a month for the same AT&T;service!!

    So if the iPhone is $70 a month, that means $50 a month is going for web access options, some GPS, a lousy 2 megapixel camera and fluff.

    It’s not making economic sense, unless you need it for web access and don’t want to tote a laptop.

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