Vodafone New Zealand reveals iPhone 3G plans

Vodafone New Zealand has announced three iPhone 3G plans:

More info here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “SteveNZ” and “anthony” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note:
• iPhone 250 = US$414 for 8GB iPhone, US$527 for 16GB iPhone, US$60/mo.
• iPhone 500 = US$339 for 8GB iPhone, US$452 for 16GB iPhone, US$98/mo.
• iPhone 1GB = US$150 for 8GB iPhone, US$263 for 16GB iPhone, US$189/mo.

• iPhone Only = US$739 for 8GB iPhone, US$852 for 16GB iPhone

Watch Mark Bushworth, Vodafone’s Chief Bullshit Weasel Media Officer attempt to justify this blatant attempt at thievery via 3 News’ Campbell Live here.

Muntlandish! This’ll go straight down the gurgler, if you ask us.


  1. Considering how negative the reaction has been in some European countries and the Great White North to rates that actually look benign compared to New Zealand’s, one has to wonder what the reaction will be…

    Are Kiwis used to rates like this, or are the All Blacks (NZ’s world famous rugby side) going to tackle these Vodafone execs?

  2. In financial terms, this is much like the bigmac index which then became the iPod index.
    This is the best way to show how lack of competition makes consumers pay for more. What a total ripp off.

  3. Vodafone NZ just lost 3 Mac lovin customers with one single step!

    We love the iPhone…

    …love that its coming here to NZ at last,
    …don’t mind that we might have to pay a monthly fee to use it on a network…

    But, I HATE that they think we’re stupid enough to fork out $6,000 over two years to get the iPhone for the $199 value! and for only a 1Gig of Data…

    Come on Vodafone – who ya kidding?? Where’s the $40-60 plan with 1-2Gigs of data with some minutes thrown in… whose needs 600 calling minutes on that plan!

    We want is unlimited Data! – forget the minutes… give us decent data plans…

    They have even prevented potential iPhone users from their recently released 30mb a day for $1 prepay plan…

    Talk about screwing those who pay for your existence!

  4. Obscene and Im a Kiwi!
    Some one in New Zealand is looking at finalising a deal for $999 for a prepay 16gb iphone not on contract this is a genuine deal being finalised as we speak. Got is straight from the manager of the local firm who sells Macs online in New Zealand

  5. RIP OFF!
    The MOST expensive iPhone handset prices with some of the most limited iPhone plans anywhere in the WORLD – here in NZ.

    O2, you’d be welcomed with open arms if you set up shop here – there’s a couple of million Vodafone (and a lot of Telecom) customers that’d swap in a heartbeat…

  6. Man, those are shocking! These providers have no idea how they are stifling their own growth. We’ll see more and more push towards internet communications—cutting out telephony entirely. These cell companies are signing their death warrant.

  7. “Spark” the problem is Vodafone now owns ihug so they are a cellphone , home phone and internet provider all in one and we only have Telecom as competition so we might as well jump in the river holding hands now!

  8. What I think a lot of Americans are overlooking is how these “pricey” iPhone plans compare to other cellphone plans on the network. To us these iPhone plans are outrageous but people living in New Zealand and other countries where the plans are high must be use to them. I’ve looked at a couple of the iPhone data plans that seem to cost the most throughout the world (Germany, Denmark, Mexico, New Zealand, etc.). At first they seem suprisingly expensive but when you look at the costs of voice and data plans for other cellphones on the network you realize that their not too far off in price and comparison. In that case these prices that we call “expensive” (compared to American network carriers like AT&T;) must be something that customers in these other countries are used to. It’s just from our point of view that their unreasonably costly. Not every place is like the United States in terms of product and service pricing.

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