Yet another high level Microsoft Windows exec flees ship

“Think Microsoft is happy with Vista? Think again. Numerous top execs involved in its development and launch are no longer at the company, at least in one instance because an exec was put in a position that was certainly a demotion,” Preston Gralla blogs for Computerworld.

“The latest casualty is Will Poole, who until the middle of 2007 was responsible for client versions of Windows, Computerworld’s Gregg Keizer’s reports. Poole is a 12-year veteran of the company,” Gralla reports.

“Keizer quotes analyst Rob Helm of Directions on Microsoft as saying that ‘With the launch of Vista, there was a new broom. There were a number of people who moved out, or were moved out, of [the] Windows [group] in the wake of Vista. Some of them have decided to move on out of the company,'” Gralla reports.

Gralla reports, “Poole was clearly given a demotion of sorts after his work on Vista. Analysts note that after Vista, Poole was made head of the the Unlimited Potential group. Never heard of it? No one else has either.”

Full article here.

Like rats from a sinking ship.


  1. Wrong take, MDN. We want these people to STAY and make the upcoming Windows 7 WOW experience everything Vista brought. Every Mac user should get on their knees each night and pray for Ballmer to continue as CEO. Each time a Windows executive responsible for Vista leaves it is time to wear the black armband. Vista is one of the big reasons the OS X is booming…

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