Report: HD DVD is dead

“The format war has turned into a format death watch,” Thomas K. Arnold and Erik Gruenwedel report for The Hollywood Reporter. “Toshiba is widely expected to pull the plug on its HD DVD format sometime in the coming weeks, reliable industry sources say, after a rash of retail defections that followed Warner Home Video’s announcement in early January that it would support only the rival Blu-ray Disc format after May.”

“Officially, no decision has been made, insists Jodi Sally, vp of marketing for Toshiba America Consumer Products,” Arnold and Gruenwedel report. “But she hinted that something’s in the air. ‘Given the market developments in the past month,’ she said, ‘Toshiba will continue to study the market impact and the value proposition for consumers, particularly in light of our recent price reductions on all HD DVD players.'”

Arnold and Gruenwedel report, “Immediately after the Warner announcement, the HD DVD North American Promotional Group canceled its Consumer Electronics Show presentation. The following week, data collected by the NPD Group revealed Blu-ray took in 93% of all hardware sales for that week.”

“Microsoft is the other big player in the HD DVD equation. Last fall when Paramount Home Entertainment announced it was dropping its dual-format strategy and would release titles only in HD DVD, giving that side a brief resurgence, a pitch to journalists for interviews came from a Microsoft email address,” Arnold and Gruenwedel report. “Several phone calls to Kevin Collins, Microsoft’s normally accessible ‘HD DVD evangelist,’ were not returned.”

Full article here.

Our Take from September 02, 2005: “HD-DVD must die.” From September 27, 2005: “Imagine, Apple… on the side of the better technology while Microsoft chooses to go with the cheap, second-rate ‘solution.’ How typical is that?”

Again, word is that you can get XBox HD DVD players really, really cheap nowadays. wink

We are amazed at recent developments in the the general public’s newfound ability to choose superior technology regardless of perceived price. Along with Blu-ray’s triumph (however short-lived it may be; get an Apple TV, that’s the real future), look at iPod+iTunes, iPhone, and the Macintosh resurgence as other examples of Joe and Jane Sixpack rapidly becoming more tech-literate with each passing day.

This ain’t VHS vs. Beta, folks. Now, in what can only be described as a pleasant surprise, the best formats and technologies are winning!


  1. MDN is slooooow today!

    Blu-ray had a cooler name. That is why it one out, plain and simple. And don’t forget the millions of PS3 with Blu-ray built in. And the better storage capacity. But really, the name is what sealed the deal.

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