Apple calls Rush Limbaugh; working on his Mac issues

Apple has contacted Rush Limbaugh about the Mac issues that he’s been talking about this week on the most listened to radio talk show in America; heard on over 600 stations in the U.S.

Partial transcript from The Rush Limbaugh Show yesterday:

I have an announcement to make: Apple corporate called. Somebody from high up the corporate ladder at Apple Computer in California, out in Cupertino, called the office. When did you get the message? When did they call, late yesterday afternoon? All right, they called at nine o’clock this morning, very, very, very nice guy, put my IT guy in touch with them, working — No, it was not Algore. Ha! No, Mr. Snerdley, it was not Algore. I’m not going to mention the gentleman’s name because the Mac user community that hates me will start bombarding this guy. He’s a west coast guy. He called about six a.m. out there and said, “I’m here now,” so our IT guy is working with him. That’s cool. Yes, it’s official. It’s not a hacker. It was official. Don’t start gumming up the works. It was really true.

More from Rush Limbaugh’s “Stack of Stuff” page here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: The more Rush Limbaugh talks about Macs (even if it’s about issues he’s having), the better it is for Apple. Rush is planting Apple seeds. Making Apple Macs a real consideration for millions of people who might not have even thought about freeing themselves from the frustration and disappointment of Microsoft Windows is a very good thing.


  1. Yeah, all the people who spew vitriol towards Rush should be ashamed of themselves. I’m a liberal, but at least I have enough class to see him and everyone else as human beings. I guess it’s called “tolerance”.

  2. @Jimbo

    Nope. MDN loves Rush, just as they love all things conservative. You can tell by how they used a good picture of Rush, but they use the worst possible picture of people like Gates and Ballmer, even though I’m sure there are plenty of us who hate all three.

    I think you’ve been around here long enough to notice that whenever MDN gets the chance they will show their political bias, whether it be towards conservatives or towards Obama over Hillary. I guess it’s not that unreasonable that a site which blatantly displays its pro-mac bias s[how some political bias as well.

  3. G Spank,
    I’m glad you mentioned the tolerance thing. All to often it seems the liberals are telling the conservatives to be more tolerant, yet they seem to have no tolerance themselves. They expect everyone but themselves to be tolerant. Thanks for showing some tolerance.

    I agree with the MDN view, Rush has a lot of listeners who may think about Apple now. Hate him or love him, it’s about the Apple right now and nothing else.

  4. I’m not ashamed of myself, Spank. I’m equally intolerant of left-wing fruits, though there are many fewer on the far left in this country. Not that Limburger’s audience would see it that way … cause Rush says so.

    No … no tolerance from me for those who preach no tolerance of others. And that’s a major portion of his riff. Interesting that he has no tolerance for drug users, eh?


  5. I’m a republican (from the libertarian wing) and I don’t mind the Rush stories at all. I have some friends who dislike macs who try to harp on the “only liberals use macs” thing and I always point them to Limbaugh. But he’s not the only conservative type who uses macs.

  6. Dave you’re sounding a little intolerant yourself. It don’t seem that you ever listen to his show. I’ve never heard that intolerance you say is a major portion of his show. Oh well.

    Macs are an equal opportunity computer…the way it should be.

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