Report: Google, Dell teaming up on cellphone

“Google and Dell are collaborating on a handset, says a new claim by ad magazine MarketingWeek. Reportedly contacting ‘senior industry sources,’ the publication believes that the two firms will announce a phone as soon as the Mobile World Congress show in mid-February,” Electronista reports.

“Few details are available of the purported development, though the device would most likely be powered by Google’s Linux-based Android mobile operating system and may serve as a vehicle for promoting the software to other handset makers,” Electronista reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “prut prut” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Coming to a kiosk near you! Oops, scratch that.


  1. This rumor smells.

    First, I believe Google has better taste than to go slumming with Dell. Second, this sounds like another one of those BS rumors like the one about Google producing their own cell phone.

    Let’s be real, this ain’t going to happen.

  2. Most likely DELL will just rebrand an existing phone, slap Google Cybernetic Organism Android whatever and than slap the logo DULL um DELL on it. Then come up with a silly name like “DELL Phone” or “dPhone”.

  3. @Old Man Mac

    A few thoughts from Downunder…

    I have three 30″ monitors and I run all of my electronics in my home and office and lab via solar. I also use a atmospheric water vapour collection system that I designed that produces 245 litres a day of drinkable water (and it is about the size of two microwave ovens)… (oh, and it is solar, too)

    I guess I am a wannabe environmentalist, too because I have three 30″ monitors.

    Get over your jealousy. You get in life exactly what you want – no more – no less! If you wanted something different – you’d have it. Thoughts are things.

    You may not like Al Gore and what he advocates but let me ask you a simple question – what have YOU done today to make the planet better. Bitchen doesn’t count!

    As for being on topic… Google is too smart to get into bed with Dull. And Eric likes the drive over to 1 Infinite Loop too much I am sure.

    Cheers, Mates!

  4. What? You guys don’t think its a good idea? While, let’s face it, it will be no iPhone, and even with Dell’s less-than-decent quality control, it will still be better than Windoze Mobile.

    Moto is getting out of the pic. Samsung is selling their Cell-unit. Dell/Google would be prime to scoop marketshare on entry level-priced phones. It’s not an area Apple competes nor would any of us want them to compete. We want our iPhone but you will always have people that either can only afford, or just want entry level stuff. PC’s included. I’m not saying it will be even a good product but considering how botched up most interfaces are (including the BlackBerry) if Google does create a simply interface where most users can use at least 60% of the features (I would guess Apple Phone users use well in excess of 80% while on my BB I used < 15% at best) it will be an improvement over entry level cell phones and windows mobile cell phones.

    My 2 Cents Worth. In addition, if there is some reasonable competition out there, we won’t be sitting through lawsuit after lawsuit about an Apple monopoly and ant-trust cases. I have no doubt that Apple will continue to shine so bring it on baby!

  5. Google will sell its Android software to anyone who wants to buy it, including Dell. Google won’t design the handset, that will be Dell, and Google will not associate itself with the hardware design. The relationship will be similar to Microsoft and it’s Windows Mobile on Palm Treos.

    Google is a very smart company. It partners with people who will make it money. If Dell wants into the handset hardware business, it needs a mobile handset OS – and using Google and it’s name recognition makes perfect sense.

    That doesn’t mean the handset won’t suck.

    Keep in mind that just because Schmidt has a seat on Apple’s board doesn’t mean Google has an exclusive relationship with Apple. That will never happen.

    Apple and Google have a great relationship. Apple is actively embracing Google, but still keeping it’s own identity and control over content/apps. Dell is different – Dell has no software of its own, especially a mobile OS. Dell needs someone like Google.

  6. @Zune Tang,

    “with all the features, user friendliness and power of Windows Mobile”


    Where the hell are you coming from Zune Tang.

    I have a Windows Mobile based iPaq just as a cheap way to run TomTom and it’s so crap I can’t believe it. Tom Tom is great but the underlying OS is fekkin useless…

    Now you’ve got to explain why you push this M$ crap Zune Tang ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    In fact i/we would love to know more about you dude. Are you in some way lacking in intelligence? Or easily swayed by popular rather than quality things? Maybe you have been hypnotised in some way. Or are you actually Steve Ballmer?

    I’ve implied you were a faker (as have many others) but you cheerfully deny it. Nice temper control man ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

    I just have to ask, if you are really such a Micro$oft nerd, why do you spend so much time on a pro Mac site, pushing all things M$ and bashing all things Apple?

    Surely with your favourite company’s huge OS market share you wouldn’t feel the need to push their products. Do you think Micro$oft are dying? Can you detect an impending doom for M$ that we Macheads just can’t see?

    I could understand an occasional flaming here and there but you come here practically every day. Don’t get me wrong, we enjoy ribbing you, but surely it’s a waste of your time.

    After all, you’re never going to influence any Macheads into moving to an inferior Vista platform or even convince any iPod users to buy a god-awful Zune so why do you do it?

    I would really love to know!

    It seems to me you either feel threatened by the superiority of all things Apple and the intelligence of Mac users in general or you lust like trolling.

    Maybe you come on here trying to convince yourself you are still making the right decision sticking with your OS limited PCs, inferior OS and really poorly designed MP3 player.

    Go on Zune Tang, tell us a little about yourself. Have you ever had a Mac? How old are you? Do you live with your parents in their basement? Do you wear a hat with a propeller on the top and use a pocket protector?

    Are you a Microsoft shareholder?

    How about a blog? You should set up a blog. We would love to read it.

    Make sure you allow comments in it ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  7. @British Mac Head

    It’s usually the yanks that are humour impaired.

    Zune revealled all a few months back, apparently some people missed it.

    MagicWord = think, wicked stuff dude.

    @ Zune Tang

    That was a good one ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

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