Report: Google, Dell teaming up on cellphone

“Google and Dell are collaborating on a handset, says a new claim by ad magazine MarketingWeek. Reportedly contacting ‘senior industry sources,’ the publication believes that the two firms will announce a phone as soon as the Mobile World Congress show in mid-February,” Electronista reports.

“Few details are available of the purported development, though the device would most likely be powered by Google’s Linux-based Android mobile operating system and may serve as a vehicle for promoting the software to other handset makers,” Electronista reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “prut prut” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Coming to a kiosk near you! Oops, scratch that.


  1. With Apple’s locked down touch-screen patents, I wonder if this Dell phone will feature a futuristic ‘little wee plastic keyboard’,or maybe a touch screen composed of tiny cameras and projectors, so the phone will look like a “big ass table”.

  2. This rumor smells.

    First, I believe Google has better taste than to go slumming with Dell. Second, this sounds like another one of those BS rumors like the one about Google producing their own cell phone.

    Let’s be real, this ain’t going to happen.

  3. Most likely DELL will just rebrand an existing phone, slap Google Cybernetic Organism Android whatever and than slap the logo DULL um DELL on it. Then come up with a silly name like “DELL Phone” or “dPhone”.

  4. @Old Man Mac

    A few thoughts from Downunder…

    I have three 30″ monitors and I run all of my electronics in my home and office and lab via solar. I also use a atmospheric water vapour collection system that I designed that produces 245 litres a day of drinkable water (and it is about the size of two microwave ovens)… (oh, and it is solar, too)

    I guess I am a wannabe environmentalist, too because I have three 30″ monitors.

    Get over your jealousy. You get in life exactly what you want – no more – no less! If you wanted something different – you’d have it. Thoughts are things.

    You may not like Al Gore and what he advocates but let me ask you a simple question – what have YOU done today to make the planet better. Bitchen doesn’t count!

    As for being on topic… Google is too smart to get into bed with Dull. And Eric likes the drive over to 1 Infinite Loop too much I am sure.

    Cheers, Mates!

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