Microsoft’s Windows Vista convinces tech writer to buy an Apple MacBook

“Pardon me while I momentarily channel MacDailyNews, but I read a column that appeared in The Times of Johannesburg that begs to be mentioned to Microsoft-loathing Mac lovers,” David Zeiler blogs for The Baltimore Sun.

“The writer, Toby Shapshak is an award-winning technology journalist and editor,” Zeiler writes. “Shapshak declares Vista a major disaster for Microsoft and backs it up with plenty of merciless barbs.”

“The punch line comes in last paragraph when we learn that Shapshak’s recent struggles with Vista on a brand-new ThinkPad ‘was all I needed to convince myself I have done the right thing by buying a MacBook,'” Zeiler writes. “Amen, brother.”

Full article here.

Toby Shapshak writes for The Times, “Vista is too slow, too clunky, too unresponsive, too unwieldy. There are nine ways to turn Vista off or put it in standby, because there were 43 different people working in various teams on the shut-down function.”

“There is no other way to put it: Vista is a disaster. It’s not the worst piece of software Microsoft has written (that goes to Windows ME by all accounts, although I personally think Windows 98 deserved that title), but it’s right up there in the lexicon of how not to try and solve your problems. Bill Gates joked that Vista was ‘the best 6-billion I ever spent,'” Shapshak writes. “For the seven years Microsoft spent on Vista, what was it doing?”

“Hardware manufacturers have privately expressed their despair and frustration to me, as has every one who foolishly bought a new computer with Vista on it. One senior executive told me Vista runs 20percent slower than XP,” Shapshak writes.

Full article here.


  1. Apple better get ready to be able to supply the millions of Macs people will buy soon.

    While at it, here is my to-do list for Apple:

    Bring back color Macs, like the old iMacs, they were a hit!
    Bring back HyperCard… improved!
    and get rid of the default paste with style, or make it switchable in Preferences… pleeease!
    Redo Dashboard and integrate into the Finder, I never use it the way it is now, either all or none… kinda stupid!

  2. It may be old news by now but Vista may be the best thing (outside of Apple) that happened to Apple’s computer business. Out of 6 people that I know and who needed to replace their Windows computers within the last six months 5 decided to buy a Mac (4 MacBooks, 1 MacBook Pro) and only 1 decided to get a Vista.

  3. I experienced 2 Vista WOW’s in one day!

    I was leaving St Maarten after a week of work, and stopped by one of my clients to pick up some pictures and documents. She got up from her new Dell lap top, and changed to an older lap top running XP to make the disk for me and print out the papers I needed. She told me nothing works with the new computer and they would never buy another Dell. I agreed she should never buy another Dell but explained it was the Vista on her Dell giving her the problem and told her she could go back to the store and ask them to install XP.

    2 hours later in the airport at the check out counter, their entire system went down, they pulled out boxes of the old style hand written tickets and started to process us. Kidding I asked if they wanted to use my MacBook, and the guy next to me chimed in with an offer for his MacBook Pro! The lady behind the desk explained they had installed a new system a week ago, and the whole thing was crashing every few days. They told us when the system (if) was back on line they would call us to the gate to resubmit our hand written stuff into the system and give us normal boarding pass’s, or else we would have to go thru ticketing again in Miami for our connecting flights My new Mac buddy and I were having a cocktail when they called our names, when we got to the counter, it was Vista booting up! I have no idea if it was a Vista problem, but we got a kick out of it!

  4. I got a kick out of reading that when I remembered when a lady at a location I was doing Mac IT work at told me that she heard that Vista was “more Mac-like than any other version of Windows.”

    Goes to show how much she knows…she was using Vista by the way.

  5. A word of warning: MS consultants who go out and advise on Exchange and Server 2008 implementations are using the opportunity to try and ram Vista down the throats of corporate customers.

    One of my colleagues – who shall remain nameless – is currently being subjected to a “feasibility study” which is unfairly skewed seeing as he’s testing it on a 2.4 GHz Core 2 Duo laptop that’s stuffed with RAM. If the company he’s contracted to actually buys into it, they’re OK because they’re an company which would hardly struggle to pay for huge, new capital expenditures at this time.

    But not every company is an oil company making several million in profit every day: how will they cope when they discover that 80% of their entire estate needs to be replaced in order for Vista to roll out.

  6. MacGuy,
    I think Apple totally missed the boat by not making a Dashboard Spaces for Leopard. Completely analogous and would be very useful. You could have a Dashboard space for sports, one for weather stuff, one for reference type widgets, etc. Whatever you wanted.

  7. Vista was a brilliant marketing move. Everyone who buys a new PC with Vista pre-loaded will hate it so much, they will go out and buy a Windows XP license so they can wipe the hard drive and install XP. Sales of XP will skyrocket!

    Unfortunately for Microsoft, in 3-5 years when those customers go out and buy their next new computer, they’ll be buying Macs.

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