Report: Apple’s iPhone 1.1.3 Update imminent, may feature voice recording, disk mode

“Apple may be preparing a significant update for the iPhone as early as this weekend that will have some heavily requested features, according to a claim from CNET France,” Electronista reports.

“The site points to multiple reports that a 1.1.3 upgrade for the iPhone will appear by Saturday which adds both a disk mode for storing general data on the device and a voice recording mode for capturing lectures or voice memos,” Electronista reports.

“It is also likely to break existing modifications to the firmware that allow the iPhone to run third-party code or unlock the device to run with carriers outside of those approved by Apple,” Electronista reports.

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  1. Why can’t my LG Chocolate phone do this?

    JUST KIDDING. Seriously though, this is one of the things that makes the iPhone worth it. It can be continuously updated to include all the latest features. Yeah, newer versions may have some upgraded hardware options, but overall, one can expect some longevity of use out of the iPhone with these easy to install software updates. Compare that to all these $99 disposable phones where people are constantly buying a new phone two to three times a year to keep getting the newest features.

    The iPhone and its platform are amazing and this is why so many of the carriers are doing everything they can to stop the Apple freight train that is the iPhone.

  2. I want an iPhone… bad.

    My contract with Sprint isn’t up til 2009.

    AND my buddy got an iPhone. Although he loves the phone itself, the AT&T;part drops and can’t get reception in areas where he used to get reception before…

    I wish they’d open it up already…

  3. I love my iPhone. Apple is so smart to keep a pulse on what people want and keep the updates coming. They make it butt simple to operate and fun to use. I have a drawer full of old phones that that were difficult to use. Proud to own an iPhone ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”smile” style=”border:0;” />

  4. If anyone out there still doesn’t get it, this is the essence of iPhone’s significant advantage over everything else. To get a better Nokia, you have to buy a new phone. To get a better iPhone, you plug it in and sync it. When Apple sold you your iPhone, they sold you a device that will take its sweet time becoming obsolete. They promised regular feature updates and, boy, are they delivering!

    I currently have a Sony-Ericsson Walkman phone. I was able to update it twice since I bought it, by purposely seeking out firmware updates (they don’t automatically notify you they’re there). The updates were, for all intents and purposes, insignificant. The only things I noticed that were updated were:

    1. AAC meta data (song names, artists, etc.) are now showing just like MP3 data;
    2. The ‘beep’ tone you hear when pressing mic button to issue a voicedial command is now higher in pitch.
    3. Some support for unicode (Russian cyrillic, but no Serbian; Eastern European characters).

    And I had to actually know that firmware updating is possible, then seek and download updater application (Windows-only), run the updater manually, jump through a few hoops, etc. My guess is, about 0.5% of SE owners actually do this.

    On the other hand, iPhone delivers several new applications, significant new features, etc. There is simply no comparison.

    I’m anxiously awaiting my current contract to expire (in a month or so).

  5. This is how Apple actually manages to “out-smart” the iPhone hackers. They know full well that the iPhone will be hacked or unlocked by hackers. They purposely leave out some very useful features and applications. With each update, they disable the hacks/unlocks but at the same time dangle the carrot that’s the missing features in front of the users. If you want those functions, you have to update and thus lose your hacks/unlocks. It is far better than trying to make the iPhone “bullet-proof” from the beginning. I think this is truly brilliant on Apple’s part.

  6. I’d love it if Apple would ship these new features, once a month, like New Software Friday, so that this point differentiating the iPhone from every other smartphone gets emphasized.

    Also, to the poster who bemoaned his Sprint contract, there are websites that will allow you to sell your remaining contract.

  7. @Predrag

    What a load of crap. What are these ‘several new applications’ and ‘significant new features’ being delievered regularly? Let’s count the new applications:

    iTunes WiFi store.

    Wow check out that awesome list of applications.

    Meanwhile if you even bother checking the official iPhone forums you see the features people REALLY want continue to be missing from updates.

    Disclaimer: I am a happy iPhone owner but I am not going just sit quiet and watch fanboys spread lies and trash other phones for no good reason.

  8. I bet Nokia et all the other mobile makers cant update the functionality of their phones like this!

    This is why a phone with only a touch screen will always be better than a phone with a keypad and plastic buttons.

    Apple can add whatever new features, software or interface that they want just by a simple update.

    This in essence creates a device that is infinitely up-datable without the crap of have to buy a new phone for the new functions.

    God I looooove my iPhone and I cant wait for the update!

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