Apple CEO Steve Jobs named MarketWatch Readers’ Choice CEO of the Year 2007

MarketWatch readers have given an overwhelming thumbs up to Steve Jobs, chief executive of Apple Inc., naming him the MarketWatch Readers’ Choice CEO of the Year for 2007.

MarketWatch themselves named McDonald’s CEO Jim Skinner as “MarketWatch CEO of the Year 2007” writing, “Coming into his own in his third year at the helm of McDonald’s, Jim Skinner has made ma deep impression. The evidence is on the bottom line, on the menu and on employees’ lapels.”

The MarketWatch CEO of the Year 2007 (Skinner) article is here.

The MarketWatch Readers Choice CEO of the Year (Jobs) article is here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “”I ♥ MDN” and “Mike in Helsinki” for the heads up.]


  1. Interesting to see Ballmer on the shortlist..

    …the only award he deserves is ‘worst ceo’ of the decade.

    Can anyone remind me of one decent thing Microsoft has done in the last 10 years – let alone 2007?

  2. Oh, wait the link to the story is buried in the story about McDonald’s CEO. Interesting that Steve Jobs didn’t even make the list of runners-up that included a CEO of a casino! WTF? The story does not even include a photo of Steve. It’s like, oh by the way, our readers chose Steve Jobs, a guy we didn’t even consider for our list.

  3. From the article about Marketwatch’s choice, Skinner:

    He eats McDonald’s food every day, and while he mixes up his choices he manages to sneak in french fries most days, for “testing purposes.

    Blech! That has GOT to be an overstatement by their PR flacks. I swear I couldn’t do that even if for his salary/stock!!

  4. Yeah, could they bury the results any more than they did? How many link hits did it take?

    And why is Monkey boy “visually” in second place when “numerically” he was last at 3%. Nice try MarketBotch

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