German court to hold hearing over Apple iPhone exclusivity on Monday

“A Hamburg court adjourned until Monday a hearing on Deutsche Telekom AG’s appeal of a temporary injunction won by Vodafone, Handelsblatt reported… Deutsche Telekom, whose T-Mobile wireless unit acquired exclusive German distribution rights for Apple’s iPhone earlier this year… on Nov 21 said it was ordered by a court to [offer iPhone unlocked], after Vodafone won an injunction from a court,” Thomson Financial reports.

“For the time being, T-Mobile [is] selling the [unlocked] iPhone for 999 eur,” Thomson Financial reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mike in Helsinki'” for the heads up.]



    And the iPhone!

    Make the carriers compete and we all benefit, lower prices, better service, etc.

    The iPhone is a better device, it needs a better carrier. One who respects a users privacy and doesn’t allow violations of the Constitution and basic human rights.

  2. I would like to switch carriers. AT&T;has coverage all around my home but not inside it T-Mobile does have service there. I should be able to use whatever carrier is willing to provide me with service.

  3. Here’s a thought:
    The Verizon’s and Vodafone realize that the iPhine is the game changer that Job’s claimed they were.

    They don’t want people to switch and the only way to prevent this is to claim they want “openness” in the telephone industry so that you can use whatever on any system.

    The problem with this is that most people won’t switch and will remain with an existing service (see M$ windows as an example), so the only way a new company can make headway in a market is to have something (iPhone, etc.) that is not available with the market leader (verizon, vodaphone, etc.).

    So the market leaders – are using this claim of “openness” just to preserve their market lead.

    In a way limited competition (exclusives) actually leads to more competition alowing the small guy/company to compete with the big/large market share leaders.

    I hope the courts realize this and grant the exclusivity principle back to T-Mobile

  4. @Matrix3 and twilightmoon…

    And what innovation was happening in the cellphone industry before the iPhone? Apple has done a fine job of innovating it’s computers without exclusivity deals with Internet service providers!!

    In the meantime, the exclusivity business model here in the US is keeping me on a leash away from the iPhone because AT&T;does not have a presence in my area.

  5. $1,464.28 for an iPhone in Europe (or any phone for that matter)!!! That’s crazy ridiculous! I’d have to say, you’ve lost your mind if you pay that for a phone, i don’t care how innovative it may be… just my 2¢ anyway.

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