Apple officially dispatches NBC from iTunes Store

As announced three months ago, NBC Universal TV channels (Bravo, mun2, NBC, NBC News, CNBC, NBC Sports, Sci Fi, Sleuth, Telemundo and USA) have disappeared from the networks available on Apple’s U.S. iTunes Store.

As the noted today by the Italian-language Website setteB.IT, some shows that are broadcast on NBC are still available on U.S. iTunes Store because they are produced from other Hollywood studios, like 20th Century Fox, ABC, Disney, Viacom, etc.

Full article (Google Italian-English translation) here.


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    It’s not that NBC doesn’t want your money, it’s more like not enough people are paying to make it worth their effort.

    Free shows supported by advertising gives maximum exposure and the opportunity to fudge the viewing numbers. Newspapers do it all the time, they “print up” 20,000 free copies a week and state a circulation of 40,000 based upon a assumption that each paper is read by at least two people.

    Of course what is not counted is how many are used to wrap dead fish in chinatown, how many a bum uses as his mattress or how many are used as a cheap drop cloth by a housewife painting her kitchen.

    Steve Jobs said something like TV Shows on iTMS was a experiment, because basically it’s a lot of hassle and only a minority of computer user types may actually pay and download for commercial free content.

    Now if Apple allowed commercials and free TV shows, charged for content delivery and a small profit, they could be rolling in cash. But of course people may dump iTMS because of the commericals and dump iPods afterwards.

  2. Again, to repeat David Letterman – concerning the take over of NBC by General Electric years ago – in his ‘dumb guy’ voice:

    Yea, we know all about making washing machines and light bulbs, so we should be able to run a TV network


  3. @Pete

    Granted watching free TV on the internet is the best, but what if I…

    1. Don’t want to be bothered by ads and I’m willing to pay $1.99 to not be bothered

    2. I want to watch my media where I want & when I want to.

    NBC is just greedy. They want to raise the price or force ad money from somewhere else.

    Also, I believe the writer’s strike has everything to do with NBC pulling from iTunes. They don’t want that fueling the writers cause. I look for NBC shows to reappear after the writers strike is over.

  4. @Pete,

    I can’t help but wonder if it’s really about control for NBC. They seem to be taking the antics of the music labels to another level- that of whining about pricing, etc. NBC’s beef is that they don’t get to have a say- in other words, control.

    I think they see that this (TV shows available on the ‘net) will have some kind of serious impact in the near future. Their problem is twofold: 1st- they can’t see the picture clearly because they don’t get tech yet. 2nd- they are still wanting to use the same old methodology. Both are going to get them… shall we say, hurt- bad.

    Any additional thoughts?

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