Should Apple buy AMD?

SeekingAlpha blogger “Tech101” gives 10 reasons why Apple should buy AMD.

Among Tech101’s reasons:
• Apple’s best computer system architecture, operation system [sic], user interface, and applications will combine with AMD’s most advanced and genuine multi-core CPUs and energy saving technology
• Intel will gain a more balanced competitor, which is healthy for the entire semiconductor industry, and even Intel may benefit from it
• It will keep AMD American

Complete inanity here.

MacDailyNews Take: And now you know why his handle is Tech101. When he finishes the class, maybe he’ll understand that it would make more sense for Apple to buy Orange Julius than AMD.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Judge Bork” for the heads up.]



    AMD SUCKS!.. I was a long time hopefull fan.. but letdown after letdown + the core architechture from intel has led me astray.. AMD is 2 years behind as far as I am concerned.. and when they bought ATi all they got were their headaches… ATi couldnt make a stable driver or chipset if their company depended on it.. WHY do you think they sold in the first place?? THEY BOTH SUCK!!!!!!

    as it is I wish apple would switch to nvidia cards exclusively in macs.. ati and amd can lick it… I cant tell you how much they piss me off…

    PC system builder here…

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