Crowds greet Apple Store Princesshay (Exeter, Devon, UK) grand opening

“Apple launched its thirteenth Apple retail store in the UK on Saturday 24 November in Exeter’s Princesshay centre,” Jonny Evans reports for Macworld UK.

“With sub-zero temperatures the night before, a queue didn’t begin forming until 7am, reports Macworld UK reader, Matt Aiken. He reports that while the queue took time to form, by the time the store opened it was ‘longer than it looked,'” Evans reports.

Full article here.

Matt A. has posted video of the grand opening on YouTube:

Direct link to the video via YouTube:

Matt’s blog post describing the event, including photos of the store, here.

Calendar of events, address, directions, and more info about Apple Store Princesshay here.


  1. I love the psychological undertones of the whole concept. Every staff member is there to boost excitement about the launch to ensure people like us who read about it, hear about it, word of mouth, etc, all believe Apple takes launches of such events as a big deal. That “big deal” concept turns into guerilla marketing quite quickly and effectively.

    Whether you think it’s over the top or are even put off by it, next time you hear about an Apple store opening just ask yourself… what do you expect to happen? A lineup, crowds, give-aways? End result, lots of chatter/exposure. Well done.

  2. Exeter is a lovely town, the County Town of Devon, but I wonder why Apple chose it for their latest UK store. Small population (it does have a university), long distances between other urban centres..all a bit of a mystery.

  3. @Steve: You can bet that Apple did extensive market research as to the placement of that store. It could be the distance from other Apple stores as well as regional interest in Apple products. Unfortunately, since Apple does not break down it’s sales by store for the public, we’ll never know for sure how well that one particular store is doing.

  4. @ Macaday

    “That was worrying – they sounded like they were a bunch of Steve Monkey Man Ballmers in action…”

    Sadly, that was exactly what i thought when i first saw it. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

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