Why you should buy a Mac and some AAPL, too

“Apple (AAPL) is trading at $164 per share, $28 off their yearly high, and I want every share I can get going into the holiday season,” John Micheline writes for Seeking Alpha. “About three months ago I made a life changing decision, the decision to purchase an iMac desktop computer. 15 minutes later I was asking myself, ‘what took me so long?'”

“My initial impression was that the Mac offered the greatest operating system and computing unit I have ever experienced. Three months later, my Mac was my new prized possession, ‘My Baby,'” Micheline writes. “I, like so many others, found it hard to leave the familiarity I developed with Microsoft [Windows] OS. I heard Mac was great but I was a Microsoft guy. The truth is, I just didn’t know any better… I can truly say I am saying goodbye to Microsoft forever. I was stuck in a prison of Microsoft Operating Systems and have been released. Mac delivers freedom, a breath of fresh air in a dark place.”

“A good portion of the computing public remains trapped in Microsoft’s operating prison. Whether unwilling to admit it or not, consumers are slow to realize Mac computers and operating systems are leaps and bounds ahead of Microsoft products. I am not negative on Microsoft as a company, but as far as computers go, Mac is hands down a better product. When I go to work, I find myself depressed while working on their Microsoft or HP (HPQ) computers, thinking ‘why must the misery continue?’ It is like a horrible nightmare,” Micheline writes. “Don’t believe me, go right now to the store, purchase a Mac and let me know in a half-hour what you think. I guarantee satisfaction.”

Micheline writes, “So today, I am buying a mother load of Apple stock trading at $164 per share, almost 30 points off their yearly high. Honestly, I wouldn’t care if AAPL was trading at the yearly high; I want in for the holiday season. I believe this holiday season is an ‘Apple Holiday,’ a defining moment for the company.”

Micheline writes, “How was life without an iPod? I just can’t remember, nor do I want to… I presently own a Blackberry (RIMM) and compared to my friend’s iPhone, my Blackberry looks prehistoric. I am getting the iPhone for Christmas and the wait is brutal… Make no mistake about it, Apple is on the move. They have a quality company with amazing management and a loyal fan base. Once you buy one Apple product you are sure to buy another; there are just no comparable products on the market. This holiday seems to be Apple’s holiday; maybe for Christmas you should treat your self to a stock position in Apple and profit with the company.”

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Reminder to those new to Apple products: Just sip the Kool-Aid, do not swim in it. wink


  1. Yeah. And?

    I guess the Windows faithful don’t get that. Oh well. Another convert. It’s getting a little tiresome to read of the epiphanies of the recently converted.

    I suppose it will be fun for a while, but they are repeating what I’ve said for 20 years. Mac is just better. Welcome to the cult, kids. We love fanatics, but please sit over there. Thanks.

  2. I think it was said here before, but even Apple can’t weather a recession/economic slowdown that the Fed is predicting come the new year.

    But the Apple Stores are packed to the gills today for sure.

  3. “I think it was said here before, but even Apple can’t weather a recession/economic slowdown that the Fed is predicting come the new year.” So does this mean you are predicting the demise of Apple when the economy slows down? That’s what it looks like to me. I guess people should dump their shares while they can. After all, you have set us straight. I wonder if Steve Jobs is privy to wisdom such as yours. Thanks Pete, you da man!

  4. this is great! it’s kinda funny how people always talk about how fanatical mac users are, but it’s almost like you can’t help but be that way. it seems like once you’re hit with the ‘mac is better’ epiphany you just want to shout it from the rooftops or something. guess it’s kinda the same with any ‘epiphany’ that you’re struck with tho.

    as long as you’re not blind to the mistakes/missteps that apple makes (cus no company or person is immune to doing so), i guess it’s great to be a bit fanatical ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue laugh” style=”border:0;” />
    support what you believe in!

  5. Do you think that the “HOLA, MEXICO” in the Mexico’s site for apple is a hint that the iPhone is coming to Mexico? I mean, it is like saying “Hello, iPhone” ads.

    In the other hand, Carlos Slim is big share holder of Apple and he owns TELMEX (The main telephone company in Mexico) and TELCEL (the biggest cellular company in Mexico).

    So, why the iPhone is not on Mexico already.

    Besides that, Mexican people buys always the latest in phone tech, no matter if we do not eat in a week, we always buy the latest in tech toys. iPod is the best selling audio player (I do not know why it is called “MP3 player” if the main codec is ACC3) and we do not even have a iTunes store.

  6. Pete is full of cr*p when it comes to the Feds’ predictions. Bernanke just said a couple of days ago that he expected moderate growth in both 2008 and 2009. Reuters, among many others, covered it. Doesn’t mean he’s right, but at least “Pete” ought to get his facts right.
    (BTW, my prediction is US real GDP growth of 2.8% – 3.0% in 2008.)

  7. Most accurate comparison is driving a BMW. It is just a car, like many others, and it will get you there just like Ford would. Those who don’t own it fall into two camps (of different sizes): one would love to have it one day (but can’t afford it); the other has no clue and believes BMW drivers are idiots for wasting their money on something that is no different than their Ford. They have never experienced BMW other than sitting it for 90 seconds at an Auto show. Ownership of cars such as BMW brings significantly different quality of life. It is not just about the car in general; it is the meticulous attention to detail. Most minute things that BMW brings first, than other car makers follow years later.

    It is more-or-less the same story with the Mac experience, with the exception of the price difference. While you simply can’t get a Beemer for $25k (where you could get a Honda), for the price of a good (not decent, not cheap, not crappy) Windows PC, you can get an iMac or a MacBook.

    There still is a number of ignorant souls who just don’t get it. There will always be. For the sake of health and stability of our platform, there actually should be. In ideal world, probably the best thing would be if Mac dominated home, small and medium business and Win continued to monopolise the enterprise. Microsoft should continue to exist, and Apple should NOT be hobbled in its creativity by the big business interests. If Apple were in the enterprise as much as MS is now, we would never have seen transition from 68k Motorola to PPC; definitely never from System 9 to OS X, and not in a million years from PPC to Intel. Enterprise dictates backwards compatibility, which is why Vista can still run DOS applications. And why Vista is still security nightmare.

    Let’s keep our platform clean (enterprise-free). We can still rule the world (at home).

  8. @predrag

    agree with your enterprise caution. read that the big influence on IT in the future will be the consumer, not enterprise anyway (based on the design of new silicon devices). SJ realized this eons ago. also, the margins are low (volume high) in enterprise and that is so yugo. SJ will never go there because is is not core apple behavior. apple is more a culture than a company. it failed, or almost failed, when it tried to be a company in the 90’s. it is successful now because it is running on all cylinders based on being what it is, and not what it wants to be.

    apple’s best enterprise proposition is osx server. best deal around. its unix level 3 cert will help it. the licensing is far superior to ms exchange. boosting some enterprise services a little would put it over the top. only a small community of middleware developers and that holds it back for now. enterprise IT people do not generally write applications, they buy them.

    on your car analogy, you generalizations are correct, but i’d offer people do have small positive experiences with ford products. unfortunately, ford as a company is so poorly managed, it cannot build on them. kind of like ms. my positive experience with ford was a 03 svt focus, under 20k more features than a bmw 3 series and handled about the same. added a supercharger, just for jollies and had a great car. my son now drives it. ford stopped making them after 03 although they continued the body style until 05 (zx3).

  9. Why you should buy a Mac and some AAPL, too

    I’m not buying anything Apple until after the 2008 US presidential election.

    Apple’s political meddling makes me want to puke. My dollars are NOT going to be turned into someone else’s campaign support.

    As bad as MS stinks, at least they’re smart enough to keep a lower political profile.

  10. The thing I’m disgusted by is the current a33hole in chief. Everything he touches turns to sh1t. At least everything Steve J touches turns to gold. Exhibit A is my retirement account. I don’t care if he supports Alice in Wonderland for Prez.

    Oh yeah, and I couldn’t care less if yet another former Apple hater finally got around to shutting the fsck up and you know, actually trying a Mac. We know Macs rule already Sherlock. As Rip Ragged said, “go sit over there.”

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