Chicago Tribune reviews Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard: Further proof that computing needn’t be stressful

“Apple’s new operating system upgrade, called Leopard, continues to make Mac computers the easiest and most enjoyable to use,” Eric Benderoff reports for The Chicago Tribune.

“If you own a Mac, you’ll want Leopard. If you’re thinking of giving Apple computers a try, Leopard is further proof that personal computing needn’t be filled with stress,” Benderoff reports.

“In the past, some Mac OS upgrades could be skipped. The last one, dubbed Tiger, had nice touches, including Dashboard. (That’s a platform for little programs, dubbed widgets, that make computing a bit more entertaining.) But overall, the Tiger upgrade, by itself, wasn’t the primary reason to get a Mac,” Benderoff reports. “Leopard is.”

“I can tell you this: for $129, Leopard breathes new life into an aging Mac,” Benderoff reports.

Full review here.


  1. “Can you imagine how bad a glossy 30-inch monitor would be?”

    I’ve had my new glass 24″ for exactly 24 hours now, and i’m not sure i CAN keep it. I want to, and i like the glass….

    The problem is, it is too bright. Without exageration, it hurts my eyes, even when i’m not looking straight at it. I put a black desktop on and any window is like a flashlight. I even caught myself since yesterday, actually keeping with the distractions, unconsciously avoiding going back to the computer.

    can only image what a 30 inch glossy will do to my productivity

  2. Fish, like visitors, start to stick after a few days. The matte vs glossy “controversy” makes both smell like roses. Of course, we could tell if it was all one fixated troublemaker … IF we had password-protected accounts here so the same person couldn’t respond three, four, or more times with the same drivel. Jim, don’t blame your age or the screen, learn to use it. If the illumination is un-even, bring it back and get it replaced. Bring your light-meter to prove how much it differs. People who’d rather complain than get the problem FIXED are just SO pitiful!
    “Aging Macs” indeed! Is all of Chicago out looking for a clue? Or just this writer.

  3. Of course by “aging Macs” they are talking about upgrading machines that are two or three years old with some new features and a fresh look so they will continue on for another two or three years. Some of the G4s that can be upgraded to Leopard are 4 years old – try upgrading a 4-year-old PC to Vista and see how far you get…

    My Macs are aging, like all technology, but at least they are aging gracefully.

  4. I have had a great deal of grief on all 5 of my Macs at home. I have two Intel machines and the others are pre Intel.

    Upgrading the OS has been not so good. What has resolved all issues is doing a clean install. Perhaps Apple should make this a caveat?

    The new features are not a compelling upgrade from Tiger. Yes, some kewl features but certainly not compelling.

  5. It is fairly simple to make a glossy screen matte by adding a screen protector, but it is impossible to make a matte screen glossy.

    It is likewise simple to make a screen less bright by dimming it using the screen brightness controls, but it is impossible to make one that is inherently dull more bright.

    The same concept apparently applies to people who complain about things that are easily remedied.

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