iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 coming this Friday, Nov. 9, will disable third-party applications

“British reviewers who have tested the Apple iPhone that goes on sale in the U.K. Friday report that it comes pre-installed with a software update — 1.1.2 — that disables third-party applications,” Phillip Elmer-Dewitt reports for Fortune.

“According to the British gadget website T3, the update closes the so-called TIFF exploit — the software loophole used by hackers to ‘jailbreak’ version 1.1.1,” Elmer-Dewitt reports. “The update is also likely to disable — and perhaps re-brick — iPhones unlocked to work with cellular providers other than Apple’s official carriers (AT&T in the U.S., O2 in the U.K., T-Mobile in Germany and Orange in France).”

“Apple would undoubtedly prefer that everybody wait until it releases its official iPhone software developers kit (SDK) in February, and Apple-sanctioned apps start to flow in,” Elmer-Dewitt reports.

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MacRumors reports that they’ve “independently heard that iPhone Firmware 1.1.2 is destined to arrive upon the European launch of the iPhone later this week.”

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T3 reports, “There are plenty of cool new changes that will make Apple’s cell a truly global affair. First off, there’s support for dozens of languages, so if you happen to be a fluent Cantonese speaker, the phone has all the relevant character sets so you can display your language properly.”

“There’s full support for French and German, with special keyboard lay-outs on the ready to tackle accented characters – perfectly understandable, of course, what with the phone heading for launch across the channel this month too,” T3 reports. “And then there’s access to The Cloud WiFi hotspots, which is already available to iPod Touch customers.”

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  1. ..it’s almost too sad to see …an intensive-care unit of emasculated third-party apps ..miscellaneous code floating in jars of formaldehyde and iphones filling up medical waste bags. For some hackers it’s a little like hiking on the rim of a volcano when you’ve been given a warning ..you’re having a good time ..and then you get served up in your own fat ..then again, where would we be without the adventurous …boldly sailing into uncharted seas …the risk takers, the crazy mthrf*krs.

  2. “I hate how apple is anti-consumer!”

    Gee, really? If Apple is anti-consumer, this makes MSOFT pure stalinists.

    What are you people talking about? The company has a strategy plan and they are following it. I’m also with unlocked and hacked iPhone. So what? I knew the risk and went for it.

    Can’t blame the company for doing what they should be doing – developing a great product!

    MDN Magic word PLANE: As in if you don’t like it, take a plance and move to the jungle.

  3. Another thing to consider is this. ATT was the first company to give Apple want they wanted as far as cell phone featuers. In turn, Apple promises that the relationship will be exclusive for 5 years. Apple must do EVERYTHING they can to protect that. If ATT does well, Apple does well.

    I wonder how many heads have rolled at other phone companies since the iPhone came out. I bet some other companies laughed in Apple’s face, but who is laughing now? Not Mr. Ballmer, that is damn sure.

  4. Hmm…this update is gonna be kinda different. Like, from 1.0.2 to 1.1.1 you were getting a much better working OS and downloadable content, so the upgrade is was a choice. With this one…why should I update?? All it does it turn part of the phone off!

  5. Don’t buy the damned thing if you hate it/Apple so much! Vote with your feet, you puerile, whining little twit! If you’re so DAMNED RIGHT, show ’em in Cupertino and buy a couple of dozen Razr’s or Treo’s, OK?

    Suggestion: Take a product as designed, or LEAVE IT ON THE FRICKIN’ SHELF! Better yet, design your own iPhone-liek device and put Apple out of business.

    Gawd, but I do truly loathe people like you.

  6. “According to the British gadget website T3, the update closes the so-called TIFF exploit…”

    Hmmm, I thought it was a GOOD thing when a software maker closed an EXPLOIT!?!! Since it can also be a VULNERABILITY–why don’t the whiners get that?

  7. Things that should be included in updates:

    saving photo attachments to photo albums
    not having to hack the phone for custom ringtones

    All things standard in most phones

    I love my iPhone and Apple makes great products but at $399 (down from 599) people should be able to mess with THEIR phones if they want. That’s the beauty of an OWNERSHIP society.

    And Apple’s behavior is like MSFT these days… purposely changing system software to BREAK third party apps.

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