Chicago Tribune reviews Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard: Further proof that computing needn’t be stressful

“Apple’s new operating system upgrade, called Leopard, continues to make Mac computers the easiest and most enjoyable to use,” Eric Benderoff reports for The Chicago Tribune.

“If you own a Mac, you’ll want Leopard. If you’re thinking of giving Apple computers a try, Leopard is further proof that personal computing needn’t be filled with stress,” Benderoff reports.

“In the past, some Mac OS upgrades could be skipped. The last one, dubbed Tiger, had nice touches, including Dashboard. (That’s a platform for little programs, dubbed widgets, that make computing a bit more entertaining.) But overall, the Tiger upgrade, by itself, wasn’t the primary reason to get a Mac,” Benderoff reports. “Leopard is.”

“I can tell you this: for $129, Leopard breathes new life into an aging Mac,” Benderoff reports.

Full review here.


  1. All these reviews are getting boring. In a good way, of course, but boorriinngg. I hope MDN, or someone else, is somehow wrapping all of these positive reviews into one package to send to the clueless and Doze apologists when they troll this forum.

  2. WHAT?! Still no telepathic functions in Mac OS? Pfff! And where is the new 3D holografic tuch screen?! And everybody is getting that much blissed out with this “upgrade”? It’s ridicus!

    lol Well someone had to say something nasty ! lol

  3. Apple has destroyed the music buisness and now they are about to destroy the phone and computer buisness.

    Way to go Apple!

    Still won’t buy a glossy screen though, the reflections obscure the viewing of Mac OS X in all it’s glory.

    What was Apple thinking?

  4. My friend is a Apple Store manager and had this to say:

    “We attempt to provide all customers with a notebook that suits them. We strive to discover what they’ll be using it primarily for and in what environment. We generally recommend, unless the customer is adamant about purchasing the glossy, to purchase the matte instead. Unfortunately, we’ve heard since the release of the glossy screens many complaints about glare issues. Apple in California has suggested that we recommend the matte displays for all customers who are not positive of their decision.”

    Glossy reflections do lead to eye fatigue, which some people may be more susceptible to than others, with younger folks being more likely to disregard it. Eye fatigue is very easy to overlook or, most likely, you’ll assign the symptons to other causes, such as the beer you drank, or staying up too late and getting too little sleep. All these things do contribute, naturally, but the glossy screen will keep on giving you eye fatigue if you tend to do most of your computing in highly reflective environments.

  5. I agree that there should be a choice of screens but form me the glossy is much better. I don’t use my MacBook in a brightly lit environment with light sources coming in from several directions. I can never see even the slightest of reflection on my screen.

  6. @ Kneejerk

    I really can’t understand all the hullabaloo about glossy screens. I’ve had many many laptops with matte screens and they were all pretty much unreadable outdoors. It wasn’t until I got my Macbook with its glossy screen that I’ve been able to more easily see and read what’s on the screen.

    I think some of you guys are just being curmudgeons and are simply opposed to change.

  7. I’ve used CRT glossy displays for years and have no problem with them at all. I like the glossy screen on my new AL iMac better than than the matte screen on my iMac G4 laptop, I have to agree with “The Mac that roared”, although I’m not sure what a curmudgeons is, I assume it’s like some one who bitches if they are hung with a new rope. I base my preferences on 20 years with the Ampex Corp. including final systems test and customer acceptance on professional audio and video equipment.

  8. i just bought the new imac. i am 53. i dont reccomend it. not only is it glaring because of the glass, and also too “bright”, but the exposure is brighter on the bottom than on top. I have to constantly tilt the monitor up and down to get an idea if my photo is over exposed or not. I have 2 20″ side by side , the old and new. the matt keeps the image constant from top to bottom no matter what angle i view it from. in the store it is subtle, but at home looking at it carefully, it is obvious. the colors are more vivid in the glossy which look fine for watching movies but not for juging and working with photos. The Glossy looks “clean” no “reflective” dots like you see on the matt screen when you move from side to side, but the ecxposure changes with the angle of view on the glossy. I found the glossy harder to view for long periods of time. the matt is easer on the eyes. Voila, my experience. hope this helps. i am off to the apple store in santa monica to return my very good looking new iMac that is useless to me.

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