Apple patent app describes multi-touch screen with physical feedback

“A new filing reveals that Apple has researched a method that would allow a touch-sensitive keyboard to generate physical feedback without interfering in gestures,” Aidan Malley reports for AppleInsider.

“Published Thursday but originally applied for in April of last year, the US Patent Office application argues that designers of perfectly flat touch controls are often faced with a difficult choice, particularly if they want to include controls that require swipes or multi-touch gestures,” Malley reports.

One of the methods discussed in the application is the use of “an articulating frame underneath the keyboard that changes the surface depending on the immediate context. When in typing mode, the frame could raise to create edges between virtual keys, provide haptic (vibration) feedback, or create concavities that act like the dips in a traditional keyboard,” Malley reports.

Full article, with Apple’s patent application illustrations, here.


  1. Apple could do even better,it could take advantage of the qwerty keyboard that is the iphone or ipod touch and put all into one screen ipod touch-like of imac-like and then erase the numbers key and make it small because its multi-touch form factor make it ligther,period.

  2. Here is some points to make a multi-touch key:
    – keys ipod touch/iphone like;
    – numbers ,F keys,controls keys hidden;
    – sleeker aluminum design;
    – url dial iphone like.

    these are my choice´s i would like in the Apple keyboard.

  3. Not just the faders and knobs in Logic, ProTools, etc. but all the knobs and buttons on the plug-ins as well.

    Virtual patch cables!

    Now imagine a touch screen on the floor loaded with all your favorite stomp boxes!


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