Apple pulls wireless backup from initial Mac OS X Leopard release

“To the dismay of what is sure to be many, Apple Inc. appears to have pulled one of the more compelling features of its Leopard operating system last minute: the ability to use its revolutionary Time Machine backup software with wireless AirPort Disks,” Katie Marsal reports for AppleInsider.

“In the months and weeks leading up to this evening’s launch of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, Apple had widely touted the feature under the tag line ‘Effortless meets wireless,'” Marsal reports.

“AppleInsider was able to confirm the absence of any AirPort Disk support in the version of Time Machine due to go on sale at 6:00 p.m. today as part of Leopard, even though earlier pre-release betas of the software had supported the feature. In addition, all references to wireless backup were also removed from the Time Machine help files included with the distribution,” Marsal reports.

“AirPort Disk backup support is not the only feature to have fallen victim to Apple’s self-imposed October launch deadline for Leopard. Last week AppleInsider noted that the ability to sync Mail notes to iPhone had seemingly also been axed,” Marsal reports. “Obviously, the hope is that Apple continues to refine these features — and others that may have missed the cut –with the intention of releasing them in the coming months as part of a Leopard software update.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Looks like those interested in wireless Time Machine backups, Mail notes syncing to iPhone, etc. will at least have to wait for Mac OS X 10.5.1. On a positive note: Apple released the first update to Mac OS X Tiger (10.4.1) on May 16, 2005, a mere 17 days after Tiger’s April 29th release.


  1. Yeah, this sucks. This was a major selling point for me because it would’ve made it easy to backup the laptops in the house without having to tether a hard drive to them. But, I’m still getting the OS today anyway and can’t wait.

  2. Apple pulls a Microsoft? You can argue all you want, but I have heard plenty of people whine and complain about how Microsoft had to pull features that were planned for Vista in order to get it to the market. I have heard a ton of Mac fans (such as myself) make fun of Microsoft for having to cut features out of Vista.

    Now, Apple has done the same thing. They have sacraficed features (regardless of how big or small) in order to get the software done by it’s deadline.

    The only two differences are this…

    (1) Apple has done so to hit it’s self imposed deadline, whereas Microsoft did it after well over a years delay just to finally get people off of their back.

    (2) Apple will add these features back as soon as they are finished with Software Updates. Microsoft just holds onto the features for the next version of Windows.

    Those two items right there, are two VERY GOOD reasons that Apple is better than windows.

    Still it sucks that apple couldn’t get all the features it was touting into the initial release of the software and that it had to cut them out because they weren’t ready.

    But, unlike Microcrap, Apple doesn’t supply software that doesn’t work to the best of it’s potential.

  3. Wow–no wireless time machine really is a bummer. I was excited about that one. Of course, I’m still looking forward to Leopard’s many other great features. Apple brought back a couple of key ones that had been “dropped” since the original announcement (e.g., screen sharing through iChat), so I’m sure these will be back as well once they’ve been fine tuned.

  4. Well, I for one would feel better if Apple would say that they will have the feature in an update. They have not said anything.

    I DID buy the Airport Express for the purpose of backing up our two laptops to it. I would be dissapointed if it doesn’t work within a few months.

    Would be better for Apple to make an announcement, rather than leaving people hanging.

  5. I think the deal is that you cannot back up to a wirelessly networked drive.

    I wonder if you can have a drive connected to a desktop mac and use time machine for backing up that machine and any other drives that are networked wirelessly or by ethernet.

    A subtle difference but may work.

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