Apple’s Mac OS X Leopard close to going Gold

“It appears that Leopard is now Final Candidate!” Alexandros Roussos reports for MacScoop.

Build 9A559’s “seed note indicates very few known issues and is overall very stable according to feedback we were given on it,” Roussos reports.

This “leaves no more than two to three weeks for Apple to release a Golden Master build,” Roussos reports.

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Note: A typical software release cycle:
• Pre-alpha (testing and design)
• Alpha (about 1/3rd complete)
• Beta (usually the first release to public testers, bug fixing, largely feature-complete)
• Release candidate (Called “Final” above; code complete, or no new code being added, with ongoing source code fixes)
• Gold Master (master copy of a release)

Almost there!


  1. Great news. Unfortunately, Apple has also stated that the next build of Leopard will make computers that have installed 3rd party software inoperable. Did you change the look of your computer? Did you install software that Apple neglected to include that increased your productivity? Then it appears that you computer may go dead if you install this update.

    Update with caution.

  2. Misha, I hope you are female.

    OK, developers, I only want to know a few things:

    Is there a spaces type feature for Dashboard? Or Dashboard folders? I want someway to better manage my 300+ widgets.

    How are the multiple clipboards implemented in Leopard?

    Are there sliders for controlling the degree of transparency and icon size (other than the usual way of controlling icon size in the get info box)? Is there something that controls things system-wide?

  3. @ applePA: Your hyperbole is ineffective, because sometimes Mac OS updates do break third-party stuff (but not usually the whole computer). No one bitches at Apple about it, they just demand the third-party products be updated. Ever hear of Quark? Third-party items that muck around down deep in Mac OS, which can also cause strange behavior and other breakage. Again, no one bitches at Apple, but wait for their skinning utilities or whatever to be updated for the new OS. I fail to see the difference with iPhone and Mac OS X — if you change OS internals in a way that is unstable or unsupported, expect problems. Apple is at least giving everyone a heads up that some pretty serious ones could happen on iPhone — and that they are under no obligation to work around hacker’s code in future updates.

    @ misha: thanks for the laugh. I think maybe you need to get out a little more, though. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”wink” style=”border:0;” />

  4. Ready to go Gold???

    Good luck with all that. My own experience has led me to the conclusion that Apple has worked very hard to make all the new stuff sing.

    The rest of apps, even their own, are not working very well.

    Here’s my final prediction: Apple arrogance reaches new heights, along with AAPL. Message to users: if third party stuff is not working call their support line, not us. If Apple’s apps are not working, be patient .1, .2, .3 will be out in due course.

    Careful, Steve. There’s a limit – even for you.

  5. @applePA

    Were did you hear that? I think probably every Mac user has at least one 3rd party app on their computer, so why would Apple do that? Makes no sense at all. Has anyone else heard this? So we can only install apps from The Democratic People’s Republic of Apple? No way. Stop the FUD!

  6. i whould like that apple have his way to make software like adobe and freehand,to substitute then with apple programs like aperture and FCE and make then more simple to and to put people using only apple programs,in my opinion i like it.

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