Apple posts 85-page iPod touch Features Guide

Apple has posted their 85-page iPod touch Features Guide online which covers many features and may give some hints as to future iPhone enhancements and capabilities (keyboard language support, etc.) coming via future software update(s).

The Guide covers:
• Getting Started
• Basics
• Music and Video
• Photos
• iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store
• Applications
• Settings
• And more

See the Apple’s iPod touch Features Guide (6.8MB .pdf) here.


  1. iPod touch is not “always connected” like iPhone.

    Use web-based email like .Mac or Gmail or whatever to check your email via iPod touch when in a Wi-Fi hotspot.

    If you really want iPhone’s mail and widgets features, get an iPhone.

    Product differentiation is an art that Apple mastered long ago.

  2. Looks like I’m gonna have to buy an iPod Classic for now and wait for rev. 2 or 3. It’s just disappointing how Apple is “differentiating” this so much from the iPhone. Plus our campus network requires WPA enterprise username:password, which is currently unsupported. What a bummer, I really want one, but with only 16 gigs and it not connecting to wifi 80% of the time I’d have it with me, I just can’t justify the touch over the 160gig classic.

  3. Why doesn’t it support Vista Home Basic? Not like I’d ever use such a disgusting operating system, but still, there are those people who’ll be bothered by that. I’m gonna blame Vista, personally. It’s quite funny, actually, I work at Office Max, and not a day goes by where we don’t have someone come in complaining about something not working with Vista. Like this guy, bought a brand new HP Vista computer, and a brand new HP printer, and the printer didn’t work with Vista, and he couldn’t understand why his HP printer didn’t work with his HP computer. I tried to keep the “That’s Vista for you”s to a minimal.

    MW-felt, as in, I felt you all needed to know about how crappy Vista is, if you didn’t already

  4. first it was i just want the iPhone to play videos and music. i wish they didn’t ship it as a brick. Now they give that to you and people complain it doesn’t do email or have the widgets. The reason they don’t give you that is because they already have that product out, and it is called an iPhone. So buy one instead of making excuses about why you shouldn’t.

  5. @ Petey: “You want email – get an iPhone!”

    But, then you have to pay for the data plan, which ends up being $500 more over the next two years. When I all I want is the ability to write email or even just notes, $500 is an expensive email device.

    It would be trivial to add a notes program (and ideally an email program, but I understand product differentiation). That would make it so much more useful. Now, it’s just limited to giving you information instead of receiving information from you.

    MDN word – almost, as in the iPod Touch is almost good enough, but lacking in it’s ability to receive input.

  6. I wish I could get an iPhone. But that will not be possible for a while in many countries outside the US. Therefore the iPod Touch without the phone part is the only way to go for many of us. But no full iCal and other apps do not really make us happy.

  7. @OMG: “The reason they don’t give you that is because they already have that product out, and it is called an iPhone.”

    iPhone is expensive when all I want is the ability to write email – I don’t even need to send it right way, I can wait until I have access to wi-fi.

    Intentionally taking away features to justify another product is very annoying. Apple could trivially add notes or email to the iPod Touch, but they are intentionally crippling it to encourage you to pay substantially more for a lot of other features I don’t want. It’s a lot like how cable companies bundle lots of channels together to make it seem like a good deal, when in reality, I only want 5 of them.

  8. Quevar,

    Dude, just load up as many compose and/or reply pages as you wish in Safari before you board the train using multiple browser pages and leave them there.

    You’ll be all set to write emails on a train that has no Wi-Fi which you can then send when you get to work.

    Or just sit around pretending that a brand new product has had features “removed” when it hasn’t.

    Whining is no substitute for using your head.

  9. @Quevar

    “Intentionally taking away features to justify another product is very annoying.” – you’ve said this twice in this thread and it’s not quite accurate. Nothing has been taken away from this product. It doesn’t have a feature that you want. Apple has put communications in it’s iphone, and kept the ipod as video and music only. You can sync your calendar and addressbook just like before. But you’re asking a music/video product to ADD a feature that was never intended for it. Nothing has been removed from the iPod Touch.

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