Glide Mobile adds advanced Microsoft Word Document support for iPhone; access, edit, format, share

With Glide Mobile on your iPhone you can now access, edit, format and share Word documents in the palm of your hand.

“Glide provides the convenience and security of access to all of your most important documents and other digital files on your iPhone,” said TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka, in the press release. “So now you can work in Glide on your iPhone in one hand while you enjoy a cup of Starbucks coffee in the other hand.”

The Glide Write 2.0 iPhone version works seamlessly with the Glide desktop version and brings powerful mobile document creation and collaboration features to your iPhone.
• Automatically sync and convert your Microsoft Word documents for access on your iPhone.
• Open and edit multiple Microsoft Word documents simultaneously on your iPhone.
• Edit, format and preview your Microsoft Word documents on your iPhone. Formatting features include bold, italic, underline, bullets, 40 symbols and HTML source editing and preview modes.
• Create media rich documents on your iPhone; insert photos, music, video, documents, bookmarks, calendar events and much more.
• Export documents you create in Glide Write on the iPhone to Microsoft Word, PDF and RTF.
• Collaborate with others from your iPhone using Glide’s non-destructive rights-based collaborative document editing with integrated Email, Sharing and Chat applications.

Glide costs $5 per month for 2GB of online storage or $50 per year for an extra 10GB.

Access Glide on your Mac, Linux, and Windows computers at and on your mobile phone at


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