Telefonica in talks to become exclusive carrier of Apple’s iPhone in Spain

“Spanish telecommunications company Telefonica SA acknowledged is in talks with U.S.’ Apple Inc. over the right to sell the U.S. company’s new phone, iPhone, in Spain, Spanish news agency Efe reported Wednesday,” Enza Tedesco reports for MarketWatch.

“Apple is sealing exclusive contracts to sell its iPhone with only one operator in each country, Efe said, citing market sources,” Tedesco reports.

In Spain, “the iPhone won’t likely be marketed until the first half of 2008, according to Efe,” Tedesco reports.

Full article here.


  1. I’m in Spain now, and I’ve got/had Telefonica’s MoviStar (dumb name, right?) service, but their rates are ridiculous. It’s €15,87.00 per megabyte of data.

    Vodafone is the best provider here in terms of rates (other than Yoigo) , but MoviStar is by far the most popular. It’d be a smart move on Apple’s behalf to get them to offer a decent rate.

  2. That’s good news… but I’m more interested in knowing when… (if ever) we are going to have the iPhone here in Mexico.

    Knowing that Mr. Carlos Slim is the owner of TelCel and he also have (to my knowledge) a good amount of Apple Stocks it is obvious that TelCel is going to be the carrier in Latin America… but when!!!!

  3. @macCeasar

    I think we are in for a looooonnnnnnngg wait,

    The iPhone is based on using with iTunes store (correct me if I am wrong) and as you know, Mexico does not have an iTunes store,

    me, I have an iPhone coming down with friends, and I will use one of the software hacks.

    ps, I bet senior Slim already has an iPhone

  4. Unfortunately hotinplaya is right. Apple has ignored Latin America (not a single Apple owned store there) and his point about the iTunes store is dead on. Apple has focused on coutries with strong copyright laws. Apple isn’t going there any time soon because in Latin America most music is pirated not purchased. I think Apple should open up a spanish iTunes store for the US market and open that to Latin American countries.

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