Apple shares surge on iPhone report, special event anticipation

Apple Inc. (AAPL) shares on Tuesday rose $5.00, or 3.6%, to $143.48 amid speculation that new versions of the iPod would be introduced at a special event held by Apple tomorrow and following an upbeat industry report on the iPhone from iSupply (please see: Apple iPhone outsells all so-called ‘smartphones’ in U.S. in July.)

Apple stock quote via NASDAQ here.


  1. My macdailynews stock would surge if it were more readable on the iPhone.

    For pushing the iphone and it’s incredible features so much, MDN doesn’t make it very fun to visit the site.

    Why the pop-up that creates another tab? Is the few dollars really worth that?

  2. The iPhone IS the smartphone to have.

    Soon to be assisted by the first SMART iPOD!!

    A computer in your hands, iTMS in your hands, 5.1 and Wifi in your hands!

    More storage than a iPhone, GPS, 5 megapixel camera, auto uploading to websites. Full computer features!! Runs Office (yuck), connects to Windows garbage!

    The ultimate handheld computer!

  3. @Taylor,

    I wish I could feel your pain. No iPhones here in Canada, but don’t waste any breath pressuring MDN to change their ways. They are deaf to any criticism of their business tactics. Double standards.

    Tomorrow is exciting. And I have money in the bank, but I shouldn’t really be spending it. Blah…

  4. Hey, coolfactor, et al., what kind of reasoning does it take to visit a site that does not reflect your values, ideas, or editorial policies? If MDN doesn’t listen to your suggestions, and that really bothers you so much, then bugger off and show ’em what’s what! Your absence will bring them to their knees, no doubt, and then YOU can pick up the flag and run with it on your own site!

    Sometimes I think that the only value of internet sites like these is to enable lonely, unappreciated people to rant, rave, fulminate, fornicate, and expectorate. How grievously tiresome this practice is becoming.

  5. @Taylor

    You can disable the popups by clicking the “?” in the bubble and then following directions to disable the popups.. It works for about a month and then you will have to do it again.

  6. @Tre and Taylor – it’s not only the popups which ruin it for iPhones… it’s that it takes ages and ages to load a page (esp. on Edge, if you can get it to load at all.) It really is one of the slowest sites to load.

    On the iPhone, it’s the last site I want to visit, rather than the first.

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