Piper: Apple Store outselling AT&T in iPhones 7 to 1

“The average Apple retail store sells as many iPhones in a single day as most AT&T retail stores sell in an entire week, say a team of analysts for investment research firm Piper Jaffray,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

McLean reports, “In their latest round of channel checks, Sr. Analyst Gene Munster and fellow Wireless Analyst Mike Walkley spent a considerable amount of time counting the number of iPhones leaving Apple and AT&T retail stores across the country.”

“Munster, who in a research note Tuesday said he spent 50 total hours at various Apple retail stores counting sales of the iPhone in two-hour intervals, reported that each Apple retail store sells an average of 21 iPhones per day. Paling in comparison were AT&T’s stores which, according to Walkley’s checks, sold just 21 iPhones per week,” McLean reports.

McLean reports, “Based on the pair’s findings, Munster said Apple will likely hit its stated sales goal of 730,000 iPhones during the current September quarter ending the 29th, and may even sell as many as 804,000 units.”

More in AppleInsider’s full article here.


  1. Well, OK, but the average AT&T;store is a tiny storefront thing and there are _tons_ of them around, all over the place, as opposed to the relative dearth of Apple Stores (nearest to me is nearly 2 hours in good traffic). Munster needs to be making allowances for 1800 stores vs. 150. Then suddenly the 7 to 1 ratio doesn’t sound so bad anymore!

  2. I’ve been seeing ALOT of AT&T;commercials lately. I was already sick of Oasis. Not one of them shows an iPhone or any type in particular.
    Of the few that do show a phone, it’s usually some generic flip model available on special.
    If I ran AT&T;Advertising, I’d show nothing but iPhones and scream that we’re the only (other) one that has ’em!

    But they didn’t call me so… F ’em

  3. I calculate 1.5M iPhones yearly at Apple stores (given 200 stores)
    2.2M yearly at ATT stores (given 2000 stores).
    The total number of stores may be off but you get the drift.
    If Apple sell 4 M in a year that would be cool.

  4. 1800 ATT Stores x 21 iPhones a week = 37,800 per week
    170 Apple Stores x 147 iPhone a week = 24,990 per week

    AT&T;is outselling Apple stores, simply based on sheet numbers of their small outlets across the country.

    However, consider the idea that when one walks into an AT&T;store, the odds are extrememly high they are going there to buy a phone or upgrade their phone/plan. Contrast this to a person walking into an Apple Store – a store with much greater diversity than an AT&T;cellular store, who have customers going into those store for any reason among dozens… It is a testiment to how successful Apple is in drawing people into their stores and converting those visits to sales.

    As Apple delivers more iPhone models, and price points drop, the Apple Store will only increase this trend, as more and more people equate the Apple Store as a Cellular provider.

  5. “….I’ve been seeing ALOT of AT&T;commercials lately. I was already sick of Oasis. Not one of them shows an iPhone or any type in particular.”

    I believe that Apple specified in their agreement with AT&T;that Apple would handle all iPhone advertising.

  6. What would be interesting to see is the traffic in an AT&T;Store close to an Apple Store as apposed to an AT&T;store where there is no Apple store close by.

    Oh ya and when is Rogers going to bring the iPhone to Canada?
    Never mind I will have to settle for the new touch POD that will be announced Wednesday;-)

  7. “he spent 50 total hours at various Apple retail stores counting sales of the iPhone in two-hour intervals”

    Unless he had permission, that had to look suspicious.

    We’ve seen Jobs with an iPhone. Has anyone asked if Randall Stephenson uses one?

  8. AT&T;is horrible.
    I was going to buy an iPhone this weekend until I walked into the AT&T;store. I then walked over to the Apple store, whoa, what a difference. Damn, that iPhone is absolutely gorgeous. But until the carrier, or their service plan, changes I’m going to slog along with a crappy Motorola.

  9. Why Apple sells more iPhones than AT&T;.

    AT&T;Customer Service Rep:

    “Sorry ’bout the long wait” “Wat kind of phone do ya want” “Yea we got those, somewhere.” “Demo models? Heck no” “Here ya go, a nice free Samsung with 8 year contact”

    Apple Customer Service Rep:

    “We got a great phone here!” “Just look at all things you can do with it” “Wow you say?, you’ll take it” “Hey that’s great!” “You got any trouble, drop me a line and we will take care of it for you.”

  10. I got an iPhone two weeks ago at the Apple store. A wonderful experience with well informed people.

    I went into an AT&T;store last week to port my number from Sprint to AT&T;. A trying experience with uninformed people.

    What is the dis-connect here people?

    MW : “stock” as in ( ( ( surging ) ) )

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