Rumors say that Apple’s iPod is about to get a whole lot more powerful with Mac OS X

“If the persistent rumors are fulfilled Wednesday during the latest episode of The Steve Jobs Show (a product presentation at San Francisco’s Moscone Center), the iPod is about to get a whole lot more powerful,” Tom Krazit reports for CNET.

“A wide-screen iPod that looks an awful lot like an iPhone seems like the most likely bet for the sixth generation of Apple’s ubiquitous music and video player line. It also seems very likely that those new iPods will run the same stripped-down version of Mac OS X found on the iPhone, something even Jobs himself hinted at during a meeting with Apple employees on the eve of the iPhone launch,” Krazit reports.

“You don’t need a sophisticated operating system to play songs and TV shows, so at that point, the iPod stops being just a gadget. So, then, what exactly is it? Like the iPhone, it becomes something in between a gadget and a PC, which has been treacherous ground for the PC industry,” Krazit reports.

“A Mac OS X-based iPod could be a compelling device as the industry and its customers try to figure out how mobile computers should evolve,” Krazit reports.

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Michael” for the heads up.]


  1. Since, the iPhone release.. iPods have lost their appeal to me…

    Even though my 60gig iPod is nearly full, I find that having 4 of the 8 gigs on my iPhone dedicated to music is more than sufficient. I have a very large music collection, but 100 albums or 1000 songs is plenty for any given day.

    I’ll have to wait to see what tomorrow brings, but to be honest. I just can’t see myself buying iPods anymore…

    For iPhone owners, I wonder if i’m in the minority or majority?

  2. It’s the elusive handheld computer slipped in under the radar so nobody noticed, well not the dinosaurs. Watch out for some push-back, from the established powers, business and politics (aka the bankers), governments around the world will be hearing bills to regulate. There’s already much regulation on cell phones at the moment, but this isn’t a cell phone.

    Steve was explicit why he killed off the Newton, and Steve never lies although is often misinterpreted, maybe he has learned from a famous leader (or two) who oft times spoke in parables. One company can’t maintain two operating systems was the reason given and a most valid reason too.

    Rumors, pah, look back with hindsight and trace the path forward.

    Power to the people!

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