Microsoft accused of ballot stuffing in Office Open XML (OOXML) standards vote

“Microsoft has been accused of rigging a vote on the ratification of Office Open XML (OOXML) as an international standard at a government body in Sweden,” Gavin Clarke reports for The Register.

“Swedish internet pioneer Patrik Falstrom has accused Microsoft of bussing in local partners to a Swedish Standards Institute (SIS) meeting on OSI ratification of OOXML. The specification is already used by Microsoft in Office 2003, 2007 and XP,” Clarke reports.

“The partners had not participated in the SIS’s earlier OOXML discussions but paid their admission fee and gave OOXML a resounding 25 ‘yes’ votes compared to six ‘no’ votes and three abstentions. It was believed OOXML was heading to a certain defeat had Microsoft’s supporters not turned out en masse,” Clarke reports.

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “en” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Take: Microsoft? Cheat? Come on.


  1. Remember “If it don’t fit, you must acquit.”?

    M$/Windoze version: “If you can’t compete, you must cheat.”

    If it’s Microsoft’s proprietary standards, it’s cool; if it’s open standards, M$ is like a vampire at dawn: “Noooooooooo!!”

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  2. I would have sent similar links about the latest twists in Microsoft’s criminal enterprises to MDN earlier but they seem to have been less keen recently.

    Here’s one with a cartoon for the reading skills impaired folks

    And as ever keeping their eyes on the misdeeds of the beast

    And for lovers of fantasy cartoons here’s some fabulous 19thC stuff including a two-headed dragon!

  3. “…25 ‘yes’ votes compared to six ‘no’ votes and three abstentions. It was believed OOXML was heading to a certain defeat had Microsoft’s supporters not turned out en masse,”

    25 votes is turning out EN MASSE? Wow

  4. This from the company who tried to create a “grassroots” letter writing campaign to get the DOJ lawsuit tossed out a few years ago, and also made a ficticious ‘switch from Mac” campaign using stock photos of phony professionals.

    yeah, MS, cheat? Never!

  5. One day all these antics will be regretted by Microsoft…

    the acts of a dying monopolist who can’t take the heat of genuine competition.

    Die Microsoft, die.

    Then the world will wonder what it ever saw in you.

  6. Have no idea how this “Standards” process works, and didn’t get any more insight from the source article than the summary here. (And don’t have the time to do any web research on it at this moment.)

    But any vote that could be manipulated simply by paying the price of admission – or requires having to pay an admission TO vote – calls into question, imho, the validity of that “Standard”.

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    Thank You
    BC Kelly
    Tallahassee Fla

    MDN Magic Word: “law” – The Standard by which we live and are governed; not people, money, nor anything which may be popular or persuasive at any given moment.

  7. How about we decide never to use the .docx, pptx, or xlsx formats (otherwise known as OOXML by Microsoft). Anytime anyone sends you a file in that format, kindly write back to them and ask for a different format, such as a .doc, .pdf, or .odf. Obviously, please don’t actually send out this format.

    The format war need to start now with consumers saying no to propriety formats. The war needs to end with an open standard that multiple platforms and software packages can freely save to.

  8. @Quevar: Has anyone actually upgraded to Office 2007 in order to use those shitty formats?

    @Spark: Seriously, if Microsoft hadn’t brought their 25 developers to the meeting then all of 9 people would be deciding on a “standard”. Christ. As much as I like a good anti-Microsoft story, 9 people in Sweden determining an international standard is by far the most disturbing part of this story.

    @MDN: Have you actually used your site on your iPhone? I tried posting my reply when I was at lunch and would’ve been the first or second responder and the site blocked my post telling me there was an “error”.

  9. Spark: “25 votes is turning out EN MASSE? Wow”

    It is if you consider that before 23 brand new members joined, there were only 11 members (3 voted yes – 5 voted no – 3 abstained). 22 brand new members voting for MS would have been enough to defeat the “no” votes even if all original members + Google had voted no.

    <ahref=””>Check out</a> how many Gold Certified Partners there are in the new members:
    Camako Data AB (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    Connecta AB (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    Cornerstone Sweden AB (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner), Cybernetics (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    Emric AB
    Exor AB (Microsoft Certified Partner)
    Fishbone Systems AB (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    Formpipe Software (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    FS System AB
    HP (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    IBizkit AB (Microsoft Certified Partner)
    IDE Nätverkskonsulterna (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    IT-Vision AB
    Know IT (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    Modul1 (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    Nordic Station AB (Microsoft Certified Partner)
    ReadSoft AB (Microsoft Certified Partner)
    Sogeti (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    Solid Park AB (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    SourceTech AB
    Strand Interconnect AB (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)
    TietoEnator (Microsoft Gold Certified Partner)

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