Apple and Volkswagen working on iCar?

Allegedly the German automaker Volkswagen and American computer company Apple Inc. are working on a common project: “iCar,” the German-language magazine Capital reports.

Experts say a car with Apple products would garner much interest, especially among younger buyers, reports.

A Volkswagen spokesperson confirmed that VW chief Martin Winterkorn met a few days ago with Apple Boss Steve job in California for discussions relating to the project. The discussions are said to be in the early stages.

According to the report, there are to be models for Western Europe along with sales in the growing markets of China, India and Russia. In developing countries this “iCar” will be offered for 6500 euro, reports.

Full article (German to English via Google Translation) here.

Capital’s article (German to English via Google Translation) is here.

MacDailyNews Take: Best guess, peering through cloudy, ham-handed translation: iPod/iPhone vehicle integration of some sort.


  1. @ AL

    There was a lot of talk when the Phaeton came out that Volkswagen might be moving out of the reach of most ‘volks’. I think an inexpensive car would be great if it could be done well, and VW could certainly do it if anyone could. The price of the entertainments system would be only a small part of that, and if Apple was involved, I’m sure it would take center stage on the feature list.
    I’m sure it wouldn’t sell in the US, where we clearly need a 460 ci V8 and 18 inches of ground clearance to make it to the grocery store.


  2. It only will run on Apple Branded Gasoline. Cost? $11.00 a gallon but it’s not “junky” gas. It’s better quality gas than the rest of the industry offers. Also required is a 3 year contract for oil changes every 3000 miles using Apple Branded Oil (only $20 a quart).

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