Nokia previews blatant Apple iPhone knock-off (with video)

Alongside the introduction of Ovi, the portal for Nokia’s Internet services and would-be “iTunes killer” (good luck with that), Nokia today unveiled four new mobile devices designed for entertainment, music and games. The devices range in price from 225 to 560 EUR and are expected to begin shipping later this year.

Also presented during Nokia’s GoPlay event was “a glimpse into the future of Nokia interface design… due out next year,” Thomas Ricker reports for Engadget. Anssi Vanjoki, Nokia’s Executive VP & General Manager of Multimedia, was asked about the stunning similarity to Apple’s iPhone. Vanjoki said, “If there is something good in the world then we copy with pride.”

Mobile user interface design by, ahem, “Nokia:”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Sunlokyee” for the heads up.]

Nokia reinvents the phone with Apple’s iPhone!

It doesn’t get much more blatant than this one; cheap Chinese knock-off outfits included. Nokia has just clearly and unequivocally branded themselves as derivative losers. That would seem like a losing branding strategy, but it’s worked quite well for Microsoft in the past. Lately, not so much.

With this video, if actually from Nokia*, whatever respect we had for Nokia has gone “poof!” Dragged off the Dock forever. Dumped in the Trash and securely emptied.

It’s tIme to start vigorously defending those 200+ iPhone-related patents, Apple.

Apple should tell Nokia to “GoPlayInTraffic.”

*We’re currently slogging through hours of really bad accents to find out if this video is actually from Nokia via the company’s “GoPlay” site here.


  1. By the time it’s out iPhone will be on version two. The one to watch out for is Google Phone (aka gPhone – with hot spots)
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  2. At least make the outside look a little different…Nokia…do you have any class at all? Seems you just took apart the iPhone and copied each little part note for note. Do you have any pride at all?
    Billions of dollars, and you just copy it?
    Never thought I would say it, but the Zune has at least a little image of its own compared to this!!

  3. So I guess Apple will actually have to do something to differentiate the iPhone? The UI (basically the iPhone’s only feature) is too easy to duplicate.

    So, how about unlocking the potential of the OS X that’s under the hood.

    Otherwise, my guess is the Nokia’s and others to copy the “style” of the iPhone will be offering much more substance as well.

  4. It’s a big market. At this moment Apple is the main player with this interface.

    The secret will be seeing how much more the design will advance with V2 and whether Apple will introduce other models (like they did with the iPod)…

    Apple has a head start as they did with the PC GUI, let’s see if they can hold it this time.

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