A moment of silence for the Apple key

Apple’s new iMac keyboards have done away with the Apple key (or “Open Apple Key”) in what seems to presage the fate of all Apple keys on Mac keyboards. Although a few days have passed, we wouldn’t feel right without observing a moment of silence:

See Apple’s new keyboards, sans Apple logo on the Command Key, here.

MacDailyNews Note: We still hold a special place in our hearts for the “Closed Apple Key.”

Removing the Apple from the Command key makes sense from Apple’s perspective, as it would only help further ease the minds of nervous potential switchers – “Uhh, what’s that ‘weird” key?” You can bet they hear that in the Apple Retails Stores pretty often. (The new key still has the “splat” on it (thankfully), but adds the word “command.”) Still, we wish that Apple would to give us Mac users an optional key with the Apple on it!

The very first Macs, by the way, didn’t have an “Apple” on the Command key. Macs began featuring the Apple logo on the key in 1986.

Two a Day explains “Why the Apple/Command Key Finally Lost Its Apple” here.


  1. Spudley’s right. Newbs, all of you! The original 128k Mac only had a a cloverleaf on its single command key! Nary an Apple in sight. Proof? OK:

    And the Apple II line didn’t have “apple” keys either until the //c and late-rev Apple //e came out.

    I’ve always hated that Apple on the key, and thought it was confusing. It shoulda just been called the Command key, with just a cloverleaf symbol on it. Although, the new keyboard with both “Command” and the cloverleaf on the key is still better.

    So, good-bye, and good riddance, Apple Key!

  2. I am sitting here and staring at my apple key. When the f*&# did I find out it was command? It doesn’t even say what the hell it is!!!

    It’s the dreaded windows start key for you bootcampers.


  3. Added in 1986? That explains everything! It was added AFTER Steve left Apple. The Apple key’s days on the Mac were numbered from the day Steve returned. I’m surprised it took this long.

    All kidding aside, it does make since from a Windows switcher point of view.

  4. Sorry Nic but my Apple //e Enhanced also had “open” and “closed” Apple keys. And Spudly, the Apple logo was probably added to the key to pacify those of us in the Apple ][ Forever camp, if you want to us “newbs” thats your prerogative. My peers used the term “open-apple” “closed-apple” instead of “command”. The “open” apple key was program function key strokes (i.e. commands), the “closed” apple key was system related. Ah, the good old days.

    open-apple Q

  5. Oh yeah TMF? I’m 1 and 0 waiting for the glass top keyboard. Imagine, a software driven keyboard that can change functions depending on the application. Like the iPhone, except bigger. Who needs tactile response anymore? That would beat the hell out of a touch screen…

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