A moment of silence for the Apple key

Apple’s new iMac keyboards have done away with the Apple key (or “Open Apple Key”) in what seems to presage the fate of all Apple keys on Mac keyboards. Although a few days have passed, we wouldn’t feel right without observing a moment of silence:

See Apple’s new keyboards, sans Apple logo on the Command Key, here.

MacDailyNews Note: We still hold a special place in our hearts for the “Closed Apple Key.”

Removing the Apple from the Command key makes sense from Apple’s perspective, as it would only help further ease the minds of nervous potential switchers – “Uhh, what’s that ‘weird” key?” You can bet they hear that in the Apple Retails Stores pretty often. (The new key still has the “splat” on it (thankfully), but adds the word “command.”) Still, we wish that Apple would to give us Mac users an optional key with the Apple on it!

The very first Macs, by the way, didn’t have an “Apple” on the Command key. Macs began featuring the Apple logo on the key in 1986.

Two a Day explains “Why the Apple/Command Key Finally Lost Its Apple” here.


  1. takethat is correct

    It is correctly called the Command key and has been from the beginning.. It is only called the Apple key by some switcher/newbies and youngsters in the crowd.

    I think it is time that we true Mac users quit inviting windoze people to our party. I am getting tired of the crap they drag along with them.

  2. Show some control, home-y. Take a page from a new generation and you’ll function just fine. So, no option for the alt-ernate way? Enter a new world with better returns for a shifting business. And if you feel num, lock on to the new end game.

  3. This will make it much easier to explain to people what key to hit.

    The new keyboard is a joy to use by the way. Excellent tactile feedback, short stroke, nice matte feel, nipples where they’re supposed to be and having it this slim and close to the table top makes it more comfortable to type on.

    A very nice design.
    I just wish the keys were ‘light up” like the MBP’s.

  4. I think it’s a simple matter of eliminating confusion caused by redundancy. In all the documentation, the key was always referred to as the “command” key, not the Apple key. The Apple logo never showed up in menu items, and therefore, it was nothing more than an unnecessary decoration. But, since so many people mistakenly call it the “Apple key” instead of the command key, they probably figured they could put the issue to rest by eliminating the Apple logo. Makes sense to me. They’ve always called it “command,” so they should stick to that. Open- and Closed-Apple keys were on the Apple ///. How many of you remember that one?

  5. Don’t miss it. The Apple logo should have been removed years ago, served no useful purpose, created confusion, and I believe it also cheapened the Apple logo.

    The inclusion of the word “command” on the key is also welcome.

    I think they should have put the “option” symbol on the Option key, and same for Shift (since they use symbols rather than words in the menus).

  6. @coolfactor:

    There’s not enough tactile feedback to identify whether or not your fingers are squarely on the keys. Because the key surfaces are flat, I find my fingers tend to slide off more easily. On keyboards with concave-surfaced keys, your fingers tend to migrate to the center of the key just by feel. The keyboard redesign feels more like it was done for style at the expense of function. I’ll probably get used to it, but I’m hanging onto my old keyboard just in case. Definitely not a dealbreaker either way.

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