Ars Technica comprehensive review of Apple’s new iMac

“Cosmetically, the aluminum iMac represents the biggest change to the iMac line since the transition from the ‘iLamp’ iMac G4 to the iMac G5. Although the general form factor of the iMac G5 is still with us today, the new iMacs look much different than their predecessors,” Eric Bangeman reports for Ars Technica.

“The new look takes some getting used to. With its aluminum case, glass-covered LCD, and black bezel, the new iMac is reminiscent of an LCD TV. The metal case and black bezel have grown on me as I’ve used the machine over the past day or so, but I still can’t get used to the black Apple logo on the front,” Bangeman reports.

“My biggest areas of concern with the iMac going into this review were the new keyboard and glossy display. Both take some getting used to, but the adjustment period was brief—at least for me—and after a while the changes with the keyboard and monitor didn’t really register with me. If I had my druthers, I’d still go with a matte LCD, but Apple doesn’t offer that option with the iMac. If you really hate glossy screens, pass on the new iMacs. If you merely think you don’t like them, but are open to having your mind changed, give it a shot… it’s not as bad as I thought it would be,” Bangeman reports.

MacDailyNews Note: Or wait a bit for someone to produce custom-fitted anti-glare film to apply to iMac monitors — they’re already available for MacBooks, so it shouldn’t take long.

Bangeman continues, “As far as the keyboard goes, after spending the better part of a day using it, I think it’s an improvement over the Apple Pro Keyboard… In terms of performance, the iMac acquits itself very well. For the most part, it outdid a MacBook Pro with an identical CPU and FSB in my testing, and it was more than competitive with a Mac Pro.”

Bangeman reports, “The iMac is also competitive on price with other all-in-one PCs, so if you absolutely love the all-in-one form factor, the iMac is one of lower-priced options available. If you’ve been holding on to your Power PC Mac and waiting for the right time to make the big switch to Intel, the appearance of the new iMac marks an excellent opportunity.”

Full comprehensive review – recommended – here.


  1. I’m starting to not like the way Steve is taking away my choices, making decisions for me. I don’t like the shiny little displays. I like the numeric keypad.

    Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. Imagine the choices we’ll be left with when Apple achieves 25% market share. Namely, take it or leave it.

    Apple is becoming more like Microsoft every day.

  2. @borg

    Get over it you ass! There is a numeric keypad… look something up for yourself instead of just reading what others say. And, as you apparently cannot read at all; the MDN take says it clearly;

    “Or wait a bit for someone to produce custom-fitted anti-glare film to apply to iMac monitors — they’re already available for MacBooks, so it shouldn’t take long.”

  3. Ah, shut up about the glossy screen already. It’s like longin after the floppy drive. People nowadays use USB memory sticks, and that’s it. So, shut up. Matte displays are dead. Dead, I say, and they are not coming back.

  4. Clearly the glossy screen is aimed directly toward the mainstream consumer. They’ll see the more vivid colors and higher contrast ratio and say, “ooooh!”

    I have a glossy MBP and don’t mind the screen at all. I like the higher contrast too. If you are on the edge, I would at least try out the gloss before declaring it a loser.

  5. Yes, the apple logo is “black”, not silver.
    The machine is incredibly quiet too and really, the glossy screen is so bright that if there is glare, I can’t see it!

    When the screen background is black though, it works like a mirror so it is very reflective. For normal use, where the screen is not a slate, I don’t notice any glare at all.

    This machine seems to be significantly lighter than the previous iMac as well.

    Also, fyi- I get 60 FPS in WoW with all the sliders and every video option set as high as any of them will go. Very nice!

  6. Steve isn’t taking away your choices on a whim, he is making business decisions based apon what is best for Apple and the feedback from the majority of consumers who would be in the market for this computer. Not every individual consumer.

    If you don’t like the glossy display then let you voice be heard with your wallet. Trust me if the new iMacs don’t sell the option will become available.

    But they had to make a choice on these to run one way or another, at least for the 1st rev. That is how EVERY business interested in turning a profit does. It makes decisions based apon many factors and in the best interest of the company and the majority of the consumers.

    Take off the tinfoil hat and relax.

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