BBC petition for non-Windows iPlayer version hits 10,000

“More than 10,000 people have signed an e-petition on the 10 Downing Street website urging the BBC to make its iPlayer available to non-Windows users,” Tim Ferguson reports for

“At the time of writing, 10,006 people had signed the petition calling for the Prime Minster to instruct the BBC to provide the iPlayer for other operating systems, such as Linux or Apple’s OS X,” Ferguson reports.

“iPlayer is the BBC’s online on-demand television service which was launched last month. It will be available for public download on 27 July – but only for Windows XP users,” Ferguson reports.

“The BBC added that developing a version for Apple Macs and Microsoft Vista is ‘absolutely on our critical path for this year,'” Ferguson reports.

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MacDailyNews Note: You must be a British citizen or resident to sign the petition. We strongly urge British citizens or residents to sign it here.


  1. Here about a year ago I emailed the BBC asking why they didn’t support QuickTime.

    They sent a snotty reply telling me that the BBC couldn’t support such a non-standard technology and if I wanted to see their videos I should use the world-class standard, Windows.

    I did an end run around the buggers and installed Flip4Mac. It worked just fine.

    I have since switch to SkyNews for my British news.

    Like Anthony Soprano, I am puzzled as why the Brits seem to resist the Mac. Perhaps they will come round with time…and good advertising.

  2. “The BBC is the worst propaganda outfit, almost as bad as Reuters or CNN.”

    How can the BBC be “the worst propaganda outfit” and “almost as bad as Reuters or CNN” at the same time? If they are the worst, then wouldn’t that make them *worse* than Reuters or CNN?

  3. Gotta love the Internet. People can make themselves sound smart and stupid all at the same time.

    I’m curious why the BBC even embarked on a Windows-only path to begin with? Who’s running that joint?

  4. I’ve successfully Switched 5 Brits, possibly 6, and am working on 7 and 8.

    The BBC is an excellent news organization. Since they don’t exist to make money from advertising, they don’t have to slap together a fresh report on Paris Hilton every fifteen minutes.

    Sure, they don’t seem to like Israel very much, and their favorite subject by far is “the BBC,” but I would rather get my information about important events from a left-leaning but largely un-beholden organization like them than any outfit controlled by Rupert Murdoch. Talk about propaganda…

    That deal with microsoft is a real strange one, though. I can’t imagine a less ideologically compatible pair than those two. Maybe one day the beeb will wake up, covered in Windows Vomit, and scream, “What was I thinking?!?”


  5. I’m surprised that the British Gov’t allowed BBC to only offer iPlayer and content to the Windows-only crowd… AFAIK, the British have to pay a TV tax to keep the BBC in business. It seems unfair to the British tax payers that are not Windows users.

    Taxation without Representation all over again me thinks ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”grin” style=”border:0;” />

  6. in-n-out double double cheeseburgers rule!
    have you ever sat down with a double double, fries and a large dr pepper while you have MDN on the 17″ macbook pro screen?
    heaven, i’m in heaven…………

  7. >The BBC is the worst propaganda outfit, almost as bad as Reuters or CNN.”<

    Not really… Fox Noise beats all others for earning “the worst propaganda outfit” moniker on the planet !

    Hands down !

  8. What do you expect from such an icon of the evil AENUS (Anustralia, England ‘N US)? I used to have respect for that lot, but like many others I have gone places where democracy and freedom of speech actually mean something.

    Now on a lighter side, I heard a great joke the other day.

    “What do you call a terrorist that is too stupid to set off a car bomb?
    – An american soldier in Iraq.”

  9. If you’re a British citizen and you want to sign the petition but you haven’t …you may be experiencing a hesitation. If you’ve experienced a hesitation lasting more than 4 hours you should consult someone with a clinging participle. very hopefully yours, your distant cousin.

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