Apple launches AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone

Apple has launched AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone for US$69:

Every iPhone comes with one year of hardware repair coverage and up to two years of technical support. The AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone extends your repair coverage to two years from the original purchase date of your iPhone. Whether you use iPhone with a Mac or a PC, just one phone call can help resolve most issues.

More info here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dizzy D.” for the heads up.]

MacDailyNews Note: Apple is not authorized to sell the AppleCare Protection Plan for iPhone to residents of Alabama, Connecticut, Nevada, or Wyoming.


  1. I get the reasons why no warranty is allowed for Redneck-ville (Alabama, Wyoming and Nevada), but what is up with Connecticut?

    Could Conn. be about the snobby liberal crowd that needs no warranty, because they will have already upgraded to a new iPhone within 6 months anyway – extended warranty need not apply?

  2. Well, clearly it has everything to do with Consumer Law in those individual states.

    I don’t know what said Law(s) state, and am curious.. just for curiosity’s sake…

    anyone from those States wanna shed some light?

  3. Lack of coverage in individual states is indeed an issue of states laws. Florida used to be one of those states where you could not get Applecare. Fortunately that has changed and I just bought some for my iPhone!

  4. Why No Connecticut? I live here and the craze for the iPhone is just as big as New York.

    Everyone in my class ( In College, talks about getting an iPhone ), boy they will be disappointed when they can’t get addtional protection coverage.

  5. It doesn’t matter any hoot. Apple isn’t really selling any real number of these phone thingy’s. Just look at the facts. In 30 hours (at most) ATT only activated 146,000 devices. Hell, any number of company’s sell this amount of product over a 24 hour ( actual time store’s being open ) period. I mean you all act like the 350,000 phones Apple sold total in that initial 30 hour period actually warrant one of these Apple Care whatchamacallit’s. Any number of cell phone manufacturer’s cell this amount of product at every launch.

    Now wake up world and understand this. 1. none of you remembered the online sales, just me. 2. State’s decide what kind of protection we as consumers deserve , not us. 3. I sold all my wife and I’s shares at $93 and $87 and am kicking my own ass for not having a chunk anywhere to buy it back now.

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