Apple restocking iPhone across Apple Retail Store network

Bad news for would-be eBay profiteers, good news for those looking to join the iPhone revolution!

A check of Apple’s online iPhone availability tool shows iPhone units are being restocked after all Apple Stores ran out of stock yesterday.

Currently, there is a mix of red and green dots (indicators of iPhone availability), but red dots are turning green rapidly this morning.

Check iPhone availbility at the Apple Retail Stores here.


  1. good, everyone who buys anything hoping to create artificial scarcity just so they can screw people deserves to get screwed by it. i hope they have to sell at a loss…..

  2. G Spank
    The reason for the camera quality is the fact that the storage is so limited, more megapixels will eat up more space. Apple compromised and we suffer _ Nokia’s N-95 does amazing images with is Zeiss 5MP camera but you have the space to store them, it also does very nice quality movies – I am not suggesting it is a better machine, just quoting specs – BTW Nokia now includes skype as of today’s OS update

  3. I echo my sentiments from others about the server speed here. It takes forever, even on broadband. Makes me wonder, with the iPhone happening, I bet a lot of people are checking this place out.

    Road Warrior, the original, but not the only Road Warrior here. So stay tuned for more iPhone stuff. After you have recuperated from the grand and safe Independance day.

  4. Yup – MDN seems to have been slow really since WWDC. Either too much load or they’ve changed something with their servers.

    Ditto Mike – all CA Apple Stores have no iPhones according to Apple. Of course, they may not have updated the page yet.

    I would imagine Apple want to have the stores fully stocked for the weekend.

  5. I’ve also noticed the MDN server being a little slow lately on my computer and also on my iPhone.

    I cliced on the RSS link and it speeds along quite nicely… on the iPhone too. So it must be slow advertising graphics loading.

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