Woman buys her way to front of iPhone line in failed attempt to stock up for eBay sales

By popular request, we bring you the story of the woman who bought her way to the front of an iPhone line at an AT&T store (for $800, which meant she bought an 8GB iPhone plus accessories for the guy who was #1 in line) with the intent to buy $100,000 worth of Apple iPhones to sell on eBay.

On problem: she didn’t know about AT&T’s one iPhone per customer limit:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers too-numerous-to-mention for the heads up.]
What do you think, real or fake set up or a combo of both?


  1. Perfect. I wanted to learn more about that story. I had heard parts of it, but couldn’t really imagine that someone was stupid enough to not know about the 2 phone limit at the Apple Store, or the 1 phone limit at the AT&T Stores. To bad they didn’t follow her reaction to learning her plan sucked.

  2. I live in Dallas and I know someone that was in the area of that store that day. They actually told me about this before it was on the local TV news, and they swore that it was all real.

  3. “It was clearly a staged re-enactment of what might have taken place. No way was it true live coverage. “

    Perhaps… but notice that there was no follow-up footage of the woman. She’s probably too pissed/humiliated to appear on camera again.

  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if she tries to sue the guy she bought the first-in-line space from, on the basis that he knew her scheme would fail. If she’s low enough to attempt a buy-out/ebay scam, she’s low enough to find an attorney to represent her. Destined to fail.

  5. The two Apple Stores in my city STILL are in stock; and I am still laughing at the news showing a line outside stores on TV the day of the launch–Apple had the last laugh with a 6 pm launch, everyone got a chance to get one & they’re still available..


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