Philadelphia Inquirer: Apple iPhone rocks!

“One of the single largest consumer electronic launches in history and the most-hyped device in recent memory was released Friday – the Apple iPhone,” Nick Basham reports or The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Basham reports, “Opening Apple hardware is a big part of the fun, so I took my time to savor each moment. My initial reaction was that the iPhone is smaller and thinner than I imagined. It is also fairly hefty.”

“The screen is gorgeous, every detail seems like it was created after thoughtful consideration, and the touch interface is quick and responsive. It is unlike any phone, music player, or other portable device I have ever used – think of it as a mini laptop with a clean and simple touchscreen interface instead of a keyboard and mouse,” Basham reports. “Plus, I have the entire season of The Office in my pocket. Pretty satisfying.”

Full article here.


  1. I love how “activation” is one reference: “Once I had the phone activated…”

    I’d bet that this is by far the more common experience, rather than the minority who [sadly] had problems.

  2. The only major drrawback to a electrically-based touchscreen is that it won’t work in the rain (will it?). Say you’re standing in the rain, soaking wet, and you need to call a cab. Nothing to dry off the phone, will it work?

  3. @Gilles,

    Thurrott likes the iPhone. Of course, he wouldn’t be who he is without ragging on it’s shortcomings and throwing the occasional dig at Apple, but his criticisms are pretty much the same as every other reviewer of the iPhone. He recognizes that Apple has raised the bar for future cell phone design.

  4. Why would you use your phone while standing in the rain to call a cab. You normally ‘hail’ a cab while standing in the rain (or shine) and make the call from inside the hotel.

  5. Dvorak asked us to “shut up about the iPhone”.

    It seems the iPhone has shut him up, instead.

    One guy yesterday told me wanted a cheap phone because he
    was afraid he might drop a $600 device.
    That is like saying I will only drive an old clunker car because I am afraid I might have a wreck.

  6. 2% had activation problems. And how many of that 2% had their problems resolved quickly? Half? Most?

    Doesn’t matter now. Activation problems are over. AT&T has gotten their act together.

  7. Hi guys, just wanting just some info on the future of the ipod.. Is there any word on a future ipod? The iphone looks great but not all of us what a music and video player in the phone.


  8. @ Georgy Porgy…I think Ifixit has already done the drop test and the “phone in burlap bag with a bunch of change hitting a baseball” test as well as a thorough disassembly with attempt to reverse Engineer. The physical endurance tests were passed with flying colors your friend need not worry.

  9. I read this article this morning expecting something substantial (it’s plugged on the front page as “My weekend with the iPhone.”) It’s nice to see the gushing praise, but, geez, does my hometown newspaper employ 15-year-old fanboys as tech journalists? Still, that’s better than Enderle…

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