AppleInsider reviews Apple iPhone: revolutionary, a seemingly impossible reality

“Here’s an overview of what the iPhone does by feature set: iPod music, iPod video, web, email and messaging, PDA and phone features, followed by some overall impressions and a listing of features it is missing when compared to the high end of smartphones priced closer to $1000,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider.

“The iPhone is simply the most incredible piece of consumer hardware I’ve ever touched. In working with it, it repeatedly occured to me that I simply could not have imagined this could exist today. I work with a lot of consumer devices for clients, so I’m familiar with the hardware and software powering the highest end gadgets. The iPhone simply embarrasses my own expertise, which I am usually loath to admit,” Dilger writes.

“Last year, I described a fantasy version of what Apple’s sixth generation of the iPod could deliver in the wish list article ‘Generation 6 iPods,’ giving it a large display, mobile messaging abilities, a camera, an organizer and journaling features. What Apple delivered in the iPhone was simply beyond what I had imagined to be possible,” Dilger writes.

Dilger writes, “What is it that makes the iPhone so revolutionary? More than any one thing by itself, it’s the interplay of hardware and software features that all integrate together to make the iPhone a seemingly impossible reality.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Steve” for the heads up.]

We’ll comment as soon as we finish whittling off the plastic around our Etymotic Research ER-6i earbud plugs, so we can actually fit them into Apple iPhone’s non-standard, extremely tiny headphone jack…


  1. Strangely quiet so far. Here we are, Tuesday, and no statements from Microsoft. No comments from Motorola. No comments from Palm. Nobody. The must be in shock still………

  2. I agree wholeheartedly. This product is amazing, and changes the world of phones, iPods, computers, and anything else that uses a human interface. Activated mine in about two minutes. Everyone who sees it is just blown away.

  3. Well, all things in perspective, the iPhone is “seemingly impossible” for the handset industry, but is really not so seemingly impossible in the context of Apple’s hardware/software evolution.

    A focused OS X inside a touch-interface iPod? Seems quite a logical next step to me.

    Not that I’m not impressed. I’m just sayin’ . . .

  4. Have you noticed in general less traffic on MDN?

    I think that the folks at MDN are all home (or wherever) playing with their new iPhones. Not that I wouldn’t if I had one. (Damn you AT&T for no coverage where I am!)

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