Apple releases 25-minute iPhone guided tour

Apple has released a 25-minute (actually 24:40) QuickTime movie, “iPhone. A Guided Tour.”

The tour is available via streaming in small, medium, and large sizes and also as a 175MB download.

The video includes:
• Multi-touch user interface
• Design
• Ports and buttons
• Mobile Phone
  – Calling
  – favorites
  – Recents
  – Contacts
  – Keypad
  – Visual Voicemail
  – Conference Calling
• iPod
  – Music
  – Cover Flow
  – Video
  – On-screen Controls
  – Customizable soft buttons
  – Included Headphone/Mic use
• Photos
  – Integrated camera
  – Viewing
  – Scrolling
  – Zooming
  – Wallpaper
  – Emailing photos
• Internet
  – Safari full-featured web browser
  – Keyboard
• Email
  – Using the intelligent soft keyboard
  – Rich html
  – Viewers for PDF, JPEG, Word, Excel
• Application Integration
• SMS Texting
  – Integrated with phone
  – History
  – Sessions
• Live Stocks
• Notes
• Clock
• Live Weather
• Google Maps
  – Satellite view
  – Zooming
  – Scrolling
  – Bookmarking
  – Traffic info
  – Driving Directions
• YouTube Wireless Streaming
• Settings
  – Airplane Mode
  – Ringtones
  – Wallpaper
  – Mail Settings

Touching is believing:

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacVicta” for the heads up.]


  1. Neurolinguistics programation for the brain “Buy the iPhone, Microsoft is bad.. obey my dog…” well, not really, with great products like that, Microsoft is the one who need to re program thier brains..

  2. Amazing.

    This week I’ve seen people refuse to buy Apple TV because it doesn’t have visualizers and now people are refusing to buy iPhone because you can’t install your own ringtones.

    As I said then, it’s like refusing to buy a fantastic car because it doesn’t come with Hello Kitty stickers.

  3. Ringtones???

    I really hope you people are kidding here. If there’s one thing that drives me batty, it’s being subjected to all those obnoxious ringtones in public – pop songs, jingles, etc. When I hear a cell phone ring with anything but a halfway traditional ringer, I want to walk up to that asshole go medieval on the jerk-off or at the very least do a Balmer-office chair on his lame ass!

    Ringtones are for pre-pubescent, mindless follow-what-dumbasses-say-is-cool turds!

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