EMI sees sales boost from Apple’s DRM-free iTunes Plus

“EMI Group PLC’s digital revenue may rise from offering music without software that prevents copying, based on early sales of unprotected recordings through Apple Inc.’s iTunes store,” Don Jeffrey reports for Bloomberg News.

“‘The initial results of DRM-free music are good,’ Lauren Berkowitz, a senior vice president of London-based EMI, said Wednesday at a music industry conference in New York,” Jeffrey reports. “Apple’s iTunes store, the largest online music seller, began offering unprotected EMI recordings May 30.”

“Berkowitz said the early results from iTunes indicate that DRM-free offerings may boost revenue from digital albums as well as individual songs. She said that sales of Pink Floyd’s classic rock album Dark Side of the Moon had risen since the DRM-free digital versions became legally available,” Jeffrey reports.

Full article here.
&mpSpeak to Me, Ms. Berkowitz. It’s Time for the other labels to Breathe in the Air. Apple and EMI have set up a classic Us and Them situation. In our opinion, the future is basically Any Colour You Like as long as it’s DRM-free. You’d better hop to it, guys, before you headline The Great Gig in the Sky. EMI could be set to Eclipse the other DRM-loving labels. Apple’s got ’em On the Run. What’s the matter music labels, do you have Brain Damage or something? You don’t want to make even more Money?


  1. Better sales? It’s good they’re able to Barrett. Who Waters good news down? Wright? Roger that. Probably in the Nick of time, too. Listeners are filling to the Gil. Mour the merrier. Tell the whole family Ma! Son everyone will take heart of the controls.

  2. Nice to see this headline. I was wondering how the DRM-free effort was going.

    This should be good for Apple because people should not feel “tied down” to one platform since iTunes is selling DRM-free music. More iPods sold = more revenue generated = potentially better stock price.

  3. Thanks for the take, MDN. Only my favorite band of all time, and Dark Side and Wish You Were Here are my favs of the fav.

    MDN word: another…please sir, may I have another?

  4. Wow, this DRM free is “A New Machine” that has music “Coming Back to Life”.

    If this spreads to other Folyd albums then the RIAA will have to “Run Like Hell” or “Have a Cigar” and accept the fact that DRM is the way and if they don’t realize they are “On Thin Ice” because with “One Slip” they could fall behind and it would be the “Happiest Days of Our Lives”.

    If I keep “Talking” like this I will have to say “Goodbye Cruel World” and give myself “The Final Cut” and get “Waiting for the Worms.”

  5. I hear if you play the soundtrack of Steve’s 2007 Macworld keynote along with The Wizards of Oz, they match up perfectly, and Dorothy puts on the ruby slippers at the exact moment that Steve pulls out the iPhone.

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