Apple’s Safari gives Windows users first taste of better color in browsers

“Apple’s Safari may not be rewriting the rules for Web browsing on Windows just yet, but it’s leading the way with one significant change: photographs with better color,” Stephen Shankland reports for CNET News.

“Unlike the prevailing browsers on the Internet–Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox–the Apple browser supports different ways of encoding images that can mean richer, deeper colors. With the beta version of Safari now on Windows, Mac OS X users aren’t the only ones who’ll be able to see the difference,” Shankland reports.

“Apple machines are in widespread use among graphics professionals, and the operating system supports color encoding schemes that are called profiles and are standardized by a group called the International Color Consortium (ICC). Safari checks to see whether an image is tagged with a particular ICC color profile and displays it accordingly, tuned to work with the user’s monitor,” Shankland reports.

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  1. Y’know I heard a bunch of crap on the net about how Safari isn’t nearly as good as IE, Firefox, blah blah blah, and then I was at a friends house over the weekend and I downloaded Safari for them. WHAT A DIFFERENCE! Safari destroys IE. They were so happy, and I think that Safari for windows is gonna be another hit. It may take awhile, but there’s no question that for the average user, Safari is the obvious choice.

  2. Yep. I do love telling people that their PC’s aren’t even geared to interpret and show true colours of ICC profiles. After all it makes little or no difference in a spreadsheet.

    They always look a bit stunned!

  3. accurate color won’t mean jack sht to pc people, until windows explorer does it too, then all of a sudden, it is as if windows did it first.

    It is funny how things done on a mac don’t impress pc people until windows copies it, then it is a must have feature.

  4. The incentive to get a Mac is that when I use my computer I use more than iTunes, Quicktime and Safari. I use OS X for a start. The logic could work that if Windows users are spending enough of their time using decent Mac software then the battle with windows will become ever more annoying.

  5. Does this mean that Apple will port ColorSync to Windows? Otherwise, how will WinDOS users be able to calibrate Safari with their monitor’s color profiles?

    M.X.N.T.4.1: Absolutely. My sister, a hardened Windows user, forbade me from mentioning Mac superiority.

    I bought her husband an iPod for his college graduation. She loved it and bought an iPod nano for herself. They both love iTunes.

    Recently, her DellBox has been driving her crazy. USB not working correctly… reboot after every device is plugged or unplugged! CD drives no longer recognized… she bought FOUR different ones! Yikes!

    She called me one night to ask if everything I’ve been saying about Macs is actually true! Holy Jumpin’ Catfish! Yep, I said, and MORE.

    She’s just waiting until she can’t stand it any more. Sooooon, I hope for her sake!

    The one sticking point? She want to keep her monitor. The MacPro is too expensive, the mini is, well, the mini. I’m working on a craigslist/eBay/iMac scenario for her. Please Apple, a Mac midi?

  6. A shocking number of photographers and graphics professionals got sucked into switching to Windows a few years ago when, for some reason, everyone thought Adobe had abandoned the Mac platform (there was some evidence for this).
    They have, in very large numbers, switched back. I have proof of this.


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