AT&T: 40% of the 1 million iPhone inquirers not mobile clients

“About 40 percent of the roughly 1 million people who have asked AT&T Inc. about iPhone are not already wireless customers, the telephone company’s Chief Executive Randall Stephenson said on Tuesday,” Reuters reports.

The very brief report is here.
AT&T ought to send all of the other U.S. carriers defibrillators as a professional courtesy.


  1. First time mobile phone users will be buying an iPhone? I find that hard to beleive, anyone in who doesn’t have a mobile phone in 2007 is either very old, very young or just plain un-technical. I just can’t see iPhone fitting that demo.

  2. This is a baseless announcement. I enquired with ATT on the site after the announcement – I was never asked whether I had a phone, I just filled in the form with my name and e-mail address. They don’t know I’m on Sprint unless they have access to Sprint’s customer list – which I’m sure they don’t. So maybe 40 percent are not ATT customers.

  3. Ummm… said nothing about “first-time”. There are probably (like me) many people that might have a prepay phone or don’t feel a compelling need for a phone – now. US phone uptake is smaller in the US than other places, despite lower prices, especially compared to income. There’s still a lot of room in that market.

  4. iPhone to target a previous unheard of 400,000?

    I don’t beleive it.

    It’s more like 400,000 that are not already AT&T customers or some sort of glitch. Perhaps hacked results?

    We Mac users are good at inflating the numbers. ;P

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