Apple and Google: what’s next?

“In the high-stakes race to bring Internet entertainment from the PC to the TV, Apple and Google were already at the head of the pack. By joining forces, the electronics maker and search giant just extended their lead,” Arik Hesseldahl reports for BusinessWeek.

“On May 30, Apple Chief Executive Steve Jobs said Apple TV, the company’s newly introduced device that transmits digital entertainment to television sets, will begin carrying clips from Google’s YouTube. For Apple, the addition of content from an already popular video-sharing site could help sell more Apple TV units, says Tim Bajarin, president of technology consultant Creative Strategies. ‘With YouTube, [Jobs] might have struck a new nerve and in the process gotten more interest,’ he says,” Hesseldahl reports.

“And it’s likely to be a harbinger of future cooperation between the two companies, especially considering their existing ties. ‘You can’t rule out more collaboration,’ Bajarin says. Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Google adviser Al Gore sit on Apple’s board of directors. The companies have a history of collaboration. A Google Maps application, complete with satellite photos, was one of the headline features Jobs demonstrated when he first unveiled the iPhone in January,” Hesseldahl reports.

“How might Google and Apple build on their bonds? Apple TV could incorporate additional Google features, like the ability to search for clips instead of navigating Apple TV’s existing control panel, which is more like that of a digital video recorder, Bajarin says. Whatever role Google and its tools play in the future of Apple TV, it’s apparent Apple has big plans with regard to downloadable video in the living room, and it’s natural to expect that the relatively low-quality video available on sites like YouTube will only improve,” ,” Hesseldahl reports.

Hesseldahl reports, “No doubt scores of online video services that either mimic YouTube or approach online video distribution in different ways will start jockeying for Apple’s attention and a partnership deal similar to Google’s,” Hesseldahl reports. “At times, Apple TV has appeared something of a sideshow to the iPhone, the music-playing mobile phone to be released with AT&T in June. But the Google partnership and the possibilities it presents demonstrate the digital-TV box will hold its own in the pantheon of Apple products. Says Gartenberg, ‘Wherever iTunes can go, Apple TV can follow.'”

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  1. GPS integration into the iPhone, there is SO MUCH that can go on with this it’s not even funny.

    How about driving down a road on your iPhone in full video from Google, before doing it in actuality?

    Take a road trip from your iPhone/computer and map it out before you go? Places to go, trails to hike, best times to visit and leave, avoiding traffic and so forth.

    Scheduling everything on the iPhone, track your progress etc?

    Track backups and accidents and have the iPhone warn you and give a alternate route?

    There is a million things that could go on with this if the iPhone had GPS combined with a internet connection.

  2. Frigging laser beams on their heads!

    No seriously, the technology exists for laser projectors. The iPhone, while hooked up to a external power source of course, have the ability to project via laser, the iPhones screen onto a wall or small portable foldup screen.

    You know as old Dr. Evil, my eyes are not getting any better to see 12pt type 5 inches away from my face.

    I have plenty of money. A billion gazillion dollars.

  3. Razors with <u>six</u> blades and built-in wi-fi, optional food processor, multi-touch handles, GPS, e-mail with dating service alerts, Bluetooth, USB 2.0, iPod attachment, 14 refrigerated Comfort Zones™, cheese snack dispenser, CFC-free and on-site warranty.

  4. “The fact that Google seems to hate Microsoft in a big plus.”

    I wonder why? Oh yeah. I remember now.

    Ballmer: “I’m going to f***ing bury [Eric Schmidt], I have done it before, and I will do it again. I’m going to f***ing kill Google.”

  5. I think that EVERYONE (including the press) is missing the point here with Apple TV.

    I believe that in the not-too-distant future, (when Apple has all of the pieces in place) you will see Disney release a mid-major HD movie on iTunes at the same time it is released in the theaters or shortly after its theatrical debut, possibly supported by Google ads (or maps related to the movie!). Another possible scenario is a ‘mini-featurette’ exclusive to iTunes leading to the release of an upcoming Disney film to generate interest or ‘buzz’.

    The studios are scared to death of releasing movies in HD format and it will be up to Jobs (Apple) and iTunes to show them they can do so without fear of piracy. If Apple can show that such content goes no further than a Mac/Apple TV/iPod triumvirate, more will follow. The market will then be established, the floodgates will open and Apple will be THE major player (once again!) to facilitate it all.

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