Apple faces class-action suit over MacBook, MacBook Pro displays

Apple Store“Apple Inc. has been hit with another class-action lawsuit. This time the formal complaint comes courtesy of a pair of MacBook and MacBook Pro owners who charge the company with falsely advertising the quality and capabilities of the displays used in the Intel notebooks,” Prince McLean reports for AppleInsider.

“In the May 3rd filing with the Superior Court of California for the County of San Diego, private citizens Fred Greaves and Dave Gatley are seeking multiple forms of relief and reimbursement, in addition to an injunction that would prevent Apple from continuing to market its existing notebook displays alongside claims that they support ‘millions of colors’ and offer views ‘simply unavailable on other portables,'” McLean reports.

McLean reports, “Specifically, they charge that the Cupertino-based company’s MacBook and MacBook Pro notebook displays are only capable of displaying the ‘illusion of millions of colors through the use of a software technique referred to as ‘dithering,’ which causes nearby pixels on the display to use slightly varying shades of colors that trick the human eye into perceiving the desired color even though it is not truly that color.'”

“Citations in the suit imply that the Apple notebooks may employ sub-par displays only capable of 6 bits per channel (18-bit color), rather than 8 bits per channel, making them capable of displaying only 262,144 colors without dithering, as opposed to millions. That would explain why within weeks of purchase, a flood of customers reported that their MacBook and MacBook Pro displays appeared ‘grainy’ or ‘sparkly,’ according to the complaint,” McLean reports.

More in the full article, including a copy of the complaint (pdf), here.


  1. San Diego is home for the leading law firm in Class Action filings. They have been and are currently being investigated for several illegal acts in those filings, including paying plaintiffs to claim damages where none existed.

    I’d like to see who the law firm is that filed this latest claim.

  2. Nope. I and I use my MacBook Pro for photo editing and graphics all the time. I think Apple’s gotten to the size where it’s going to get sued by some idiot/s for just about anything. Hmm… now that I think about it, maybe I should sue the psychological torment caused by the delay of Leopard. ” width=”19″ height=”19″ alt=”tongue wink” style=”border:0;” />

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