Apple offers U.S. schools free computer recycling – regardless of brand – through June 30

Apple StoreThere has never been a better time for schools to get rid of those old computers that have been accumulating in your closets and storage rooms.

For a limited time, Apple will dispose of your old computers from any manufacturer, along with any associated peripherals, at no cost to you. There is no purchase required to participate in the program and all accredited K-12 and Higher Education institutions with at least 25 systems to recycle are eligible! There is no limit to the number of systems you can recycle – just register between May 10 and June 30, 2007.

When you dispose of your end-of-life assets through Apple’s Recycle Program for Education, you have peace of mind knowing that 100% of the recycling is done domestically within the United States. You can also rest easy knowing that all asset tags or other identifying marks are completely removed and that all hard drives are ground into confetti-sized pieces to ensure your data is secure.

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Of course, non-education customers have the usual Apple Recycling Program at their, um, disposal: Purchase any qualifying Apple computer or monitor and receive free recycling of your old computer and monitor — regardless of manufacturer.

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    How on Earth can they freakin’ afford to do that?!

    Major brownie points for Apple on this one… who else would do it?

    Talk about putting your $$ where your mouth is…

    “district”- every school district in the country should take advantage of this before His Steveness comes to his senses.

  2. Will they dispose of my school’s outdated IT director? He’s about as usefule as an old 286 box.

    Note I didn’t say Mac II or whatever – nothing from Apple is that worthless.

  3. I hate it when special intrest groups push companies into offering “free” crap which will only raise the price of the pruduct. Nothing is free, we all end up paying for it in the end. So 1% of the population will shut up. Apple should have told Green Piece to cram it. If GP’s so damn concerned about recycling computers they need to provide a solution to the end user. Quit bitching and DO something productive. Oh yeah…thanks Trilateral Commision owned media for your wonderful work. GP would be nothing without you.

  4. Not only is this a brilliant P.R. move on Apple’s part it is a tax right off making it a good business move as well. It will also cause ripples through the computer industry where the need to recycle old computers is slowly become a real issue; and an issue society is placing at computer makers feet and not the consumers. Would you rather the government begin to legislate laws that requires you to recycle each and every one of your old machines at your own cost? As in an added fee at the point of purchase for the disposal/recycling of your old machine similar to the fee you have to pay when you replace your tires at Discount Tires or change your old at Jiffy Lube.

    With a share price at going upwards of $110, and billions of hard cash on hand Apple can afford this. It shows that they are good corporate citizens. Once again it also is an example that Apple, Inc. puts its money where its mouth.

    I’m as liberal as they come, but I’d rather see good corporate citizenship than more government infringement coupled with associated taxes and fee.

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