PopCap offers free Bejeweled Deluxe game for Mother’s Day

.Mac (Apple Computer, Inc.)PopCap Games today announced that will give all subscribers to its free monthly e-newsletter one copy of Bejeweled Deluxe, the biggest-selling casual game of the past six years, at no cost.

To obtain a free copy that can be presented to one’s mother or grandmother, consumers simply sign up to receive The Fizz, PopCap’s monthly digital newsletter, via the link on the company’s homepage.

Beginning tomorrow and continuing through May 23, 2007, existing and new subscribers to The Fizz will receive an email with a special link and unique registration code for a free copy of the full retail version of Bejeweled Deluxe, which must be redeemed by May 30, 2007. Presenting that as a gift to mom is as simple as forwarding the email or printing out the salient information and including it in a card.

The Bejeweled franchise has sold more than 10 million units and consumed approximately 2 billion hours of leisure time, and company surveys peg the Bejeweled user base as being 75% female and 89% age 30 or older. 44.6% of PopCap’s customer base has at least one child, which equates to nearly 100 million downloads of PopCap’s games by parents over the past six years. Bejeweled Deluxe carries a suggested retail price of US$14.95 and is available at all major games portals as well as at retail chains including Wal-Mart, Target and CostCo.

“Moms, grandmothers, and women in general have supported PopCap in many significant ways since we founded the company in 2000,” noted Jason Kapalka, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at PopCap, in the press release. “We wanted to repay that generosity in some fashion, and giving away free copies of the game that launched our success seemed like a fun way to do that.”

More info: http://www.popcap.com

Click for iTunes Store: Bejeweled for Apple iPod (US$4.99)


  1. I signed up for the newsletter and this morning received an email about the free offer, and included a code to type in. The website confirmed the offer (with a link to subscribe to their newsletter.) But apparently they were overwhelmed with responses, and their servers were brought down. The site is back up, but the bejewelled 1 page is gone (redirects to bejewelled deluxe). I’m still hitting refresh on the store download link, which still times out. Hopefully I’ll get mine, and they will add some bandwidth or server iron so you can get yours too.

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