Survey shows Apple near top of U.S. consumers’ most-trusted brands

Apple Store“It makes logical sense that companies with trusted brands should generate more business, which in theory should fuel gains in the stock price. In fact, a new study by consulting firm AlixPartners shows just that,” Marc Lichtenfeld reports for

Lichtenfeld reports, “The brands that wowed consumers included Apple, General Electric and Proctor & Gamble. Among those that disappointed them were Gap, Pfizer and Ford.

“Sony is the brand that came out on top in terms of winning consumer trust,” Lichtenfeld reports. “Fred Crawford, managing director of AlixPartners, contrasts Sony with Apple, which also came out near the top. ‘Sony has not been on the leading edge of technology, but it builds solid, reliable products.’ Apple was viewed as a product leader but received bad grades in price and service. ‘Apple is perceived as an innovative company that charges too much for their products,’ he suggests.”

“Apple shares rose nearly 700% between 2004 and 2007, while Sony actually lagged the S&P by about 1%,” Lichtenfeld reports.

“The lowest-scoring brand was Ford, which had ‘good awareness but an abysmal trust score,'” Lichtenfeld reports. “The survey broke down customers’ experience by five categories — price, access, product, service and experience. Some 5,000 consumers were asked 60 questions in the fall of 2006 to determine which were the most and least trusted brands in the U.S. Some brands such as Dell and Nike showed up in the top-10 most and least trusted brands.”

Full article with lists of the top eight brands that exceeded customers’ expectations along with the top seven that did not meet expectations here.
It’s be tough for us to imagine a more mundane-yet-frustrating existence than being a Ford-driving Dell owner who runs Windows. Okay, now we’re feeling physically ill just thinking about such a fate (shudder).


  1. Cubert,

    Can I have your Ford’s handle for rolling up the driver side window – I know yours probably fell off like mine did, but I dropped it when I was looking for the rear bumper that detached at 70MPH on the Jersey Pike.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Yo! One Guy! Get yer facts straight if you’re going to correct someone. It is Proctor, not Procter. I mean, really, sheesh. Oi!

    Proctor, William Cooper. US Business man. By 1890, he was General Manager of Proctor & Gamble, the company that made and marketed Ivory soap. In 1907, when he became president of the company, he began to insitute labor reforms such as profit sharing and pensions.

  3. I Have had 4 Ford vehicles in the last several years, each of which I drove 80K+ miles with absolutely no problems. My current Ford is a Ford Fusion. It is the best automobile I have ever owned. My one owner experience with a Toyota was a disaster.

  4. I always said I’d only buy and American car. Then when it came time to buy a car I was leaning toward getting a volvo…. But after doing some research, I found out that volvo was bought buy ford in 1997, so it was all good, and I bought my volvo.

    I don’t like this bad-mouthing of ford that you fools like to partake in.


  5. How can Sony possibly land on top of a MOST trusted brand list? What kind of stupid ignorant … hold on … we’re talking about an American survey right?
    Oh well, if Dubya can get elected twice, what else is surprising?

  6. Who took out my mia culpa? Was it because I used a certain word? In any case, I will repeat myself. Kindly.

    I am an idiot. I went to, and sure ‘nough, It is PROCTER, not Proctor.

    Guess those high school lessons on PRIMARY SOURCES were good lessons.

    Apple-poly-ologies, One Guy.

    There. Clean ‘nough?

  7. Well, I’ve got a Ford Ranger 4×4 and an Explorer. No problems yet, and I have yet to be stuck in the Nebraska snow.

    Now, would I say that my driving experiences equal the joy of computing with OS X? Hell, no. I’m on, not

    Perhaps MDN runs something like
    Keep the car brand opinions on there.

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